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Lizzo’s look at the 2019 VMA awards


The VMA is all about special and showing off. This year was definitely no exception. There were some amazing performances and well-deserved awards. I am not going to talk about that today, instead, I want to talk to you about Lizzo. She definitely made an entrance in her strapless Moschino gown and red boa. Her hair was 60’s inspired beehive. It is a very dramatic version so it can easily be toned down a little for everyday life. Keep reading this step-by-step tutorial and show off your style by #wearcliphair.


Step number 1: Time to prepare

Although this is a heat freestyle, you do need to look after your hair carefully with this look as there is a bit of teasing and a few products involved. I do this style on second or third-day hair to make sure I have enough natural oils on my roots. This style is all about volume and glamour so you will need your Cliphair extensions to help you with this. Add your Cliphair extensions around your crown section as this section will be the star of the show. Once they are brushed and blended divide hair into 4 sections. The front sections should be in front of your ears. The other 2 are horizontal at the back.

Step number 2: Time to tease

As I mentioned in the previous step, teasing is really important for this look. Spritz your crown with dry shampoo and hairspray and backcomb your crown vigorously. I divide my crown into rows to ensure that I tease all of it and evenly. Add a small amount of hairspray between each row so it doesn’t flatten later on. Once you are done smooth over the top so you don’t lose your volume but it isn’t too frizzy.


Step number 3: Form your beehive

Your hair will look like a lion’s mane at the moment, don’t worry, that is totally normal. Gather the top back section at your crown twist the ends and fold them underneath. Pin your hair in place, making sure that hairpins are not visible. Use the back of a rattail comb and gently lift the crown. Twist the bottom section and pin it so it blends with the top section. Take the front sections and smooth them back to pin them in place. If you want the fringe to add it under in front of the crown section, it will be easy to blend with the teasing.


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