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Laddered braid half up look

If you don’t want the same old half up style but want something that will stay out of your face, you have to try this. From the front, it looks deceptively normal but from the back, it looks incredible. This look is perfect for a girl on the go as it holds extremely well so you can go from day to night with no problem. We have the hairstyle sorted for you so all you have to do is get the party planned.  Keep reading this step by step guide to learn how to make your own laddered braid pigtail.




This style works perfectly with both clean and second-day hair so whatever you are up to this style is perfect for you. Make sure you have your locks brushed but don’t add too much serum, it will make it difficult to braid with later. Section off the top half of your hair, an inch above your ears, and secure with a clear elastic hair tie. Now you can add your clip in hair extensions to the hair at the bottom so that they blend for extra length.


Plump and basic shapes

Even though it is the bottom of the hair we want to look the fullest we cannot neglect the tied up top half so gently loosen your pigtail slightly as a tug on a few strand to create more volume. Like you would with a wrap around ponytail take a small piece of your pigtail, wrap it around the hair tie to conceal it and pin it at the back.


Make your braid

Now it is time for the main attraction so take a small bit of your pigtail on one side. wrap it behind the pigtail and hold a loop on one side and the end of the section on the other hand. Cross the end of your piece over the top of the pigtail and thread it through the loop, pulling down to tighten. To continue threading your braid downward take a small section of hair on the same side and blend it with the end of your first loop. Now they are blended you can repeat the process you did forming the first loop. Continue to braid as far down as you can. A good indication to stop is when the end pieces of your original loops start to poke out at the sides. Tie the end of your braid to your pigtail with an elastic hair tie.


The finishing touches

Now that we have such a great half up half down braid we need to finish it well. I don’t like to have my hair ties on display, it spoils the hair magic. So after finishing the braid I grabbed a few strands of hair from the outside of my pigtail and wrap the bottom hair tie and held it in place with a hair grip.if you wanted to make an even bigger show of this hairstyle than it already is you could add a bow otherwise just finish it off with some hairspray.

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