Knotted chignon tutorial


Chignons are classic and classy, they are amazing for all occasions in my opinion. If you have done them a lot then you might want to spice things up. This look is a little twist on the classic so it still looks sophisticated but will look different enough so your friends will look twice and ask how you created it. I love it for a nice dinner out or a fancy event so if you are looking for something new then you definitely should keep reading this step-by-step tutorial and show it off by #wearcliphair.

Step number 1: Prepare for your style

This style is definitely the star of any outfit so, although it can be created on mid-length hair, I popped in my Cliphair extensions to add that extra volume and length. Even if your hair isn’t greasy pop some dry shampoo in to give your roots some extra volume. Brush it through so it doesn’t look cakey and is distributed more evenly.

Step number 2: Create your basic shape

Divide your hair above your temples and it secures with a hair tie. Clip it out of the way fro now. Pull out any face-framing strands you want out. Gather your hair that is above your ears and create a second ponytail, secure it and put it out of the way. Try and have your ponytails as close together as you can. Make sure the ponytails are in a direct line and repeat forming a ponytail with the remainder of your hair.

Step number 3: Form your buns

Take your top ponytail counterclockwise (up and around the base from the right). This will create a loop or a fold. Put your fingers through your loop and pull the rest of the ponytail through. Pull the knot tight and see in a mirror if you are happy with the overall shape. Pin the knot so it stays in place. Incorporate any ends that are sticking out into the next ponytail.

Loop your middle ponytail over your fingers taking the ends around the leftover the loop and back through it on the right side. Adjust the shape before you pin it in place and move onto the next bun.

Once again add your ends to the last ponytail. Loop your ponytail over your fingers and take the ends around to the right, pulling them through the loop on the left side. Tuck the ends up underneath and pin the whole bun in place to finish.


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