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Keep your curls in changing weather

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

With heat and then heavy rain, our curls will probably be more than a little out of control at the moment. Humidity is a killer for full ringlets that are now half their size and resemble a bird’s nest. I know that no one wants that look. Hair Extensions are fabulous for adding somebody but you cannot fake great shape to your curls. Today I am going to share some tips on how to keep your curls looking good in any weather. All of these pics were taken from the Cliphair Instagram wall so if you want to see your pictures in our blog, don’t forget to tag Cliphair extensions.



Tip #1: Eat your way to good hair
This always true for your locks, and health, but it is particularly important for curly hair. Curly locks dry out quicker and that is not even hair that has been curled using heated tools. Save yourself some money on products and treat your hair right from the beginning. An easy way to ensure your curls are nutrient rich and have enough moisture is to eat food that has a large amount of water in it like fruit and vegetables. I guess your mum was right, an apple a day will keep the (hair) doctor away.



Tip#2: Sleep wrapped up
Wrapping your curls in a style or a scarf is a well-known way of protecting your locks from becoming dry but how does this work without flattening your locks? When you are sleeping it is super easy for your hair to get misshaped and to dry out so it is particularly important to protect your curls at this time. The trick is to gather your curls on top of your head, a little like a troll doll from the 90’s. Once your curls are secure add some serum to the ends and wrap a lightweight scarf around your head to protect your roots.



Tip #3: try out different hairstyles
Why fight nature? The fact of the matter is we cannot control the weather, no matter how hard we try, so if you are in a rush or your hair just isn’t having a good day, fake it. Try different hairstyles until you find 5 go to styles you can do quickly and will look good no matter where you are going. Some brilliant hairstyles for curly hair include braid of some sort. If you have larger curls three strands braids work really well for you but if your curls are tighter think about a style that incorporates twist curls. Buns and high ponytail are brilliant for all curl types and are perfect for even the most formal occasions. I love seeing the flow if curls if you want to show off your curls but you don’t want them in your face a half up, half down style is perfect. Curly locks create the best hair flowers to wind your hair around the hair tie and pin it in place at the back for extra detail.



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