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Humid proof hair styling

Ok, so I love the warm weather but ladies my hair does not. Humidity can turn my hair from a nicely a well-manicured wave to a bird’s nest in under 60 seconds ( or I liked to put it, from slaying to slew). I know I am not alone. Humidity can cause havoc on a holiday and ruin your photos so today I want to show you a routine that has drastically reduced the effect that humidity has on your hair. This is quick and easy and will help your hair and extensions be picture perfect #wearcliphair.


Step number 1: Conditioning crème

I kid you not, there have been days when I cannot leave the house without having some of this amazing stuff in. if you do not have curly or wavy hair then you may not need to use this as much. If you are styling your hair as curls then you might want to consider using some for the warmer months. Curls and waves can get seriously frizzy because they have got more natural texture than straight hair. This is thick so it is an absolute go-to fir curl. The tighter the curls, the more nourishing your cream should be. Put it on before you blow dry your hair for the best results.


Step number 2: Humidity spray

Yes, this magical product does exist! It is easy to buy and incredibly easy to make if you like DIYing your products. The main ingredients are Aloe vera, water, glycerine and argon oil. If your hair is wet I would wait until it is almost completely dry to start applying. If you are not washing your lock then make sure you add it to your hair and Cliphair extensions just before you leave the house, just before you add your hairspray.


Step number 3: Touch-ups

Touch ups during the day will keep your hair under control during the day. If you don’t touch your hair it is less likely to get frizzy, this can be hard when it is hot outside. If you do find your hair is getting greasy from the heat try adding some dry shampoo to your roots and gently massaging that in. remember if you want a full proof way to have a great pic, carry a few hair ties or even a scrunchie with you. Your hair will go from frizzy to fine in no time.


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