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Festival Hairstyles: How to Wear Your Hair at Reading and Leeds Festival 2021

Festival Hairstyles: How to Wear Your Hair at Reading and Leeds Festival 2021

With freedom back on the menu, the next Reading and Leeds Festival shenanigans can begin in earnest and eager revellers are already starting to make their festival plans. This year, the line-up is bigger than ever, with huge music stars like Liam Gallagher, QOTSA, Stormzy, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Post Malone and Disclosure, and many more all gearing up to give festival goers the weekend of their lives.

Whilst the guys are free to roll in mud, chuck takeaway chips around, and wade through the slime of the public toilets without a backwards glance, for music loving ladies, things are a little different. It’s difficult to enjoy a festival if you are constantly worried about the health of your hair and skin, but the only other option seems to be two weeks of reactionary zits and split ends once you get home.

Fortunately, these haircare tips and tricks from the experts at Cliphair will help you to work out which festival hairstyles are going to keep your tresses in tip top condition.

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The Faux Undercut

The faux undercut is designed to give you that shorter look underneath without actually having to take the drastic step of shaving your head. If you like the look and appreciate its edgy vibe, you can create a low maintenance version by working a small side braid into just one (or both, if it suits) side of your head. The best technique is the French braid, because it will stay secure for longer – you don’t want your style coming undone whilst grooving to Stormzy.

The Low Slung Pony

This style is a popular one for Beyoncé, and she likes to wear it on red carpets, so it’s more than glamorous enough for Leeds or Reading Festival. It also lends itself really well to clip in hair extensions and they’re a great choice for a music festival, because they are so low maintenance. You don’t even have to sleep in them – you can wear them all day and then place them safely under your pillow at night, ready for the morning. The low slung pony is exactly what it sounds like, a classic ponytail worn low down on the head.

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The Messy Chignon

This artfully messy chignon (or loose bun) was sported in truly fabulous fashion by Spiderman star Emma Stone when she went back to her natural blonde roots. It looks a little complicated from the back, but it is actually rather easy to put together. You just need a wide toothed comb, a handful of hair grips or pins, and a mirror – if necessary, rope in a festival buddy to help you, or at least hold your mirror. The first step is to create a loose and fairly low strung ponytail and the second is to messily tuck the ends back into the base.

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The Vintage Up ‘Do

If you are looking for a way to disguise greasy or dirty tresses, take a tip from style queen Rihanna and throw your hair up into a vintage vibe hair band or tie. You can make it as vibrant and as ostentatious as you like – you are at a musical festival, after all. Plus, this is a good way to tie up hair extensions so that they don’t get caught in your eyes or on the rucksack of the man doing the robot behind you in the crowd. This is a great style for festivals, because it looks amazing and takes no effort whatsoever.



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