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How to Wear Your Hair at Latitude Festival

As one of the fastest growing music festivals in the UK, Latitude Festival is gearing up for one hell of a party this month. With the likes of Alt J, Portishead, Laura Marling, Noel Gallagher, James Blake, Santigold, La Roux, and a whole host of other names on the bill, there is plenty to suit everybody here.

If you’re one of the lucky ones with a ticket, you’ve probably already starting making preparations. There’s the tent to pack, the sleeping bags to dig out, the tins of cider and boxed wine to stick in the boot of the car, and – last but not least – your favourite wellies to throw on.

Whilst there are an endless number of benefits to spending the weekend at a great music festival, there are a couple of minor downsides too. For example, what are you supposed to do with your hair all weekend, especially if it’s prone to greasiness? The shower queues are bound to be massive, and nobody wants to spend the time worrying about their hair anyway.

These handy tips and tricks from the ClipHair team will help you to have a wonderful time at Latitude Festival, whilst also looking sleek and fabulous all weekend.

The Cheeky Side Bun

This simple ‘do takes just minutes to put together, so you’ll be surprised at how elegant it can look. It’s a favourite with girls who are not all that great at doing mornings, so in other words, if it lends itself to rolling straight out of bed and out to work, it’ll definitely lend itself well to rolling out of a tent and straight out to the festival. You just have to gently sweep your hair to the side, curl it into a bun, and pin it up (as loosely or firmly as you like) with hair grips.

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The Concealed Fringe

As all girls with flawless fringes will know, they don’t get that way by themselves. To create a perfect blunt fringe, you can need anything from hair straighteners to bobby pins, a truck load of hairspray, and anything else you can find which will hold back the rest of your unruly locks. The point is that fringes tend not to suit the low maintenance vibe at music festivals, so abandon those flawless bangs for the weekend and tuck them neatly behind your ears with bobby pins.

The Low Maintenance Pony

There’s simply nothing more low maintenance than the classic ponytail. It can be worn for sports, at the gym, at the office, and sported rather glamorously at your favourite summer festival. And it could not be easier to achieve either! If you have quite short hair and would like to experiment with a classic ponytail, pick up a clip in extension piece and use it to add length and sleekness. To get the look right, pin your natural locks up in a tight low slung bun and affix the extension around it.

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images via pinterest.com

The Festival Queen

If you really cannot get down with the idea of embracing low maintenance styles at a music festival, we want to let you into a little secret – you can fake it. Why spend an hour stuck in a tent every morning with a pair of portable straighteners when you can be out exploring and enjoying new music? Our range of double wefted clip in hair extensions are ideal for this kind of occasion, because as long as you keep them clean and free from knots, you can wear them with the minimum of fuss and effort for the whole weekend. Enjoy!

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