How to Wear Your Hair at a Music Festival

Last weekend, thousands of music fans descended on Manchester for the annual Parklife Festival. Predictably, the rain was harder than Vin Diesel and Jason Statham combined; it was a soggy, wet couple of days, but nobody seemed to mind. While pensioners were being rescued from flooded houses in one party of the city, revellers were splashing through puddles and dancing around with rubber rings in another.

If there’s one thing that British festival goers can count on, it’s unpredictable weather. So, if you’re heading out to any of the events coming up in the next few months, think practical when it comes to your hair. For example, simple updos are perfect for festivals, because they keep hair away from the face and protect it from the elements, and using hair extensions – which have to be kept tangle free – the right festival ‘do is essential.

Fortunately, these tips and tricks will help you pick out some styles that are every bit as gorgeous as they are practical.

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The Low ‘Down Pony

If Beyonce can rock a low slung ponytail at the Grammy Awards, the style is definitely slick enough for festival season. It’s wonderfully easy to put together too, so you can get out of your tent early in the morning and start the day right. For girls using a clip in ponytail, the low pony is a good way to hide the seams in unwashed locks and keep everything looking full, thick, and natural. If you’re planning to wear hair extensions at a music festival, take them out and lay them flat under your pillow while sleeping.

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The Easy Peasy Chignon

The chignon might sound tricky, but it’s surprising simple. Yours doesn’t have to be flawless or as perfect as the styles worn by stars like Blake Lively (above), Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence on the red carpet. If you’re at a music festival, the aim should be to find a good balance between looking fine and feeling even better. To create a messy chignon, draw your hair up into a loose and low ponytail. Then, carefully wind the lengths around the root of the pony and tuck the ends into the base. The trick is to keep things nice and loose on the outside, but actually secure the inside of the chignon with grips and slides.

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The Vintage Updo

For a really effective (and stylish) way to disguise unwashed hair, make Queen of Pop, Rihanna, your inspiration. She likes to throw her tresses up into a retro hair band or tie, because it’s a good method of taming wild ends without compromising on visual appeal, plus, you can go as bold as you dare. If you’re at a music festival, there are no rules; get out your loudest, brightest hair accessories and prepare to dazzle. If you tuck all of the longer ends inside your wrap, they won’t get caught while dancing in a crowd. And if it rains they should stay firm and away from your eyes and neck.

The Faux Undercut

The faux undercut is designed to give you that shorter (close to the head) look, without actually requiring you to shave a portion of your hair. If you’re fond of punky styles and like the sound of this one, you can put together a festival version, by working a tight braid into one side of your head. Use a French braid because it will stay firm and tight for longer. To make things truly dramatic, sweep the rest of your hair to one side, a la supermodel Cara Delevingne, in her anti trophy hunting campaign.

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