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How to wash remy human hair extensions

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Hello everyone, we hope you’re having a good hair day and that your week is going great!

Since we’re all hair extensions fanatics here, you probably know a thing or two about caring for remy human hair, but did you know that your cleaning technique can make or break your lovely wefts?

We all know that our extensions don’t get the natural oils from our scalp, which our actual hair benefits from, so our hair wefts are much drier and need a bit of special attention when cleaning. Today we’re going to share our way of keeping hair extensions as new, by washing them properly.



Although you’ll find a lot of recommendations for special extension hair products online, you don’t need to splurge on them for your remy Cliphair wefts, they look healthy and shiny just by following a few easy steps:

  • Detangle: Make sure your hair is knot free before washing it. As you should do with your natural hair, start brushing from the ends of the hair! Place your brush/comb an inch or two above your ends and brush downwards. Then place it another inch above that and brush downwards, slowly making your way to the top.
  • Place your extensions straight and flat in a sink/ bath tub and proceed to wet the hair.
  • Apply conditioner/ hair oil to the extensions. Yes, we did not shampoo them prior to this step.
  • Apply shampoo over the conditioner and gently wash the extensions.
  • Rinse in warm (not hot!) water.
  • Apply a small dose of mask/conditioner if any tangles have formed during washing, and rinse well using warm water.
  • Air dry.

As long as you keep in mind the steps above, the only other thing you should be careful with is the shampoo you are using – make sure it’s a moisturising shampoo with a low pH level. As you can imagine, using highly moisturising products is a necessity for hair extensions.

Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions about cleaning hair extensions that you might be curious to know the answer to:

How often should I wash my hair extensions?

If you wear them every day, you should wash them once a week. Depending on your weather and on what hair tools and styling products you use, you might need to wash them even twice, but don’t worry, you’ll definitely feel when they could use a bath.

How do I know when to wash my extensions, since they don’t get oily?

You can actually wash them when they feel too dry! It will help them get a life boost. You should also wash them when you feel styling product built up.

What hair products are best for washing hair extensions?

Any moisturising hair products, dry and damaged hair ranges of products.

Should I wash my hair extensions in hot water?

Absolutely not! Use warm water or even cold, but don’t boil your hair extensions in anything.

Those are our quick tips for cleaning your remy human hair extensions, we hope you learned at least one new thing and that we helped keep your precious hair shiny and soft.

Have an amazing week and may you have a good hair day everyday!

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