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How To Wash Permanent Hair Extensions – Q&A Session 6

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Washing permanent hair extensions might seem quite different to washing clip in extensions, but it’s still an easy process. You can avoid a lot of the problems that some people face with permanent extensions by following some simple steps.



First things first. Having permanent extensions means you need to care for two types of hair at once – your natural “live” hair and your extensions – which we can refer to as “dead” hair.

Your natural hair has a root and it is nourished by the oils from your scalp. But because your extensions won’t benefit from this natural nourishment you need to care for both your own hair and your extensions at the same time.

Ready to learn how to wash your permanent hair extensions for best results? Read on.



Step 1: Brush your permanent hair extensions thoroughly

Brush, brush, brush! This little step in your hair care routine is so important. You must make sure your extensions are completely tangle-free and smooth before you get them wet. Careful brushing prevents your extensions knotting as you wash them – who wants a knotted, tangled mess at the end of their wash? And remember that once your extensions are wet you can’t brush them because this could make your extensions slip – so brush away before washing for happy hair.


Step 2: Soak your hair extensions through



When it comes to getting your permanent extensions wet, it’s best to soak them through by standing in the shower with the water flowing in the direction of your hair. This will prevent tangles developing and tugging on your tapes or bonds. Don’t be tempted by steamy hot or ice-cold showers – you need to use either room temperature or lukewarm water.


Step 3: Shampoo your permanent hair extensions


Gently apply the shampoo to your hair. Don’t be tempted to rub too hard or massage it into your extensions or roots too roughly – this might damage your bonds or tapes. Simply work at your hair to clean away any product build-up.

It’s very important to make sure you’re using the right shampoo.

What is the right shampoo for permanent extensions?

Permanent hair extensions need a gentle shampoo, which is alcohol- and sulphate-free. Sulphates are the enemy of your keratin bonds and tapes – wet hair absorbs the sulphate which in turn damages your bonds or tapes and can cause them to slip or fall out. And it’s not just sulphates you need to be careful about. Always choose gentler products than those full of unusual-sounding chemicals which could damage your extensions and natural hair.


Step 4: Rinse the shampoo out of your permanent extensions



Rinse your extensions with lukewarm water making sure your hair is sparkly clean. Again, protect against tangles by rinsing under a shower with the water flowing down your hair.


Step 5: Nourish your extensions with a conditioner or mask

It’s time to condition your hair and nourish those extensions. Choose a gentle sulphate-free conditioner and apply it along the lengths of the hair. Avoid conditioning your roots, bonds or tapes at all costs because the conditioner will make your extensions slip. Leave your conditioner in your hair for a couple of minutes to let it do its work.

Important! Never use coconut-based products on your hair extensions. Coconut oil contains enzymes which break extension bonds and damage the tapes which will cause slippage.


Step 6: Rinse the conditioner out of your extensions

Rinse your permanent extensions with plenty of cool water. Again, make sure the water is flowing in the direction of your hair to avoid tangling. The cool water will seal in the moisture and nourishment from your conditioning treatment.


Step 7: Dry your permanent extensions

Air drying is always the best way to dry your hair extensions. Pat your hair with a soft t-shirt or towel to soak up the excess moisture and then try to air dry it as much as you can before going for the hair dryer. Remember to always if you’re using a hair dryer.


Step 8: Style your permanent extensions and get ready to go!

Voila! Style your lovely locks and you’re ready to go! But always remember to use extension-friendly heat protection spray – like the Cliphair heat protection spray – and use your heat styling tools on a medium to low heat setting.


So now you have the official guide on how to wash your permanent hair extensions! What else would you like to know about life with hair extensions? Send us an email with your questions and you might feature in a future blog post!

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