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How to wake up with gorgeous hair



clip in hair extensions-wake-up-gorgeous hair


You have missed your alarm, you barely have time for a shower and when you get out you are horrified to find your hair looking like a bird’s next. Yep, we have all been there ladies and it sucks to think you will either get a blasting from your boss or rush and get to work feeling looking awful. It is time for us to take control of our unruly locks and show them who is boss. I always like to look on the brighter side of life so instead of looking at it as a problem it is an awesome chance to learn some great new habits and share them with you guys.


clip in hair extensions-wake-up-gorgeous hair-remove-kit


1. Remove your kit

During the day (especially on special occasions) a lot of things we put on our hair and put our hair through so no matter how tired you are the night before it is essential that you take out your hair extensions (if they are clip in hair extensions obviously) and brush out any product. This is a major tip you guys actually brushing your hair before you go to bed will help limit the knots and tangling you will have to deal with in the morning and is great for you extensions too.


clip in hair extensions-wake-up-gorgeous hair-dont-bed-wet-hair


2. Don’t go to bed with wet hair

Unless you are trying to achieve a specific heatless style I recommend going to bed with dry locks. Wet hair can break more easily and tends to frizz, particularly if you move around at night.


clip in hair extensions-wake-up-gorgeous hair-style-loosley


3. Style your hair loosely

This may seem totally weird to say but loosely styling your hair actually keeps it in place and helps to prevent tangling. There are a couple of ways you can style your hair if you want to help your hair curl and move around at night I would suggest braiding your hair. The most comfortable way I have found is to create a centre parting and start a simple french braid near your temple working all the way to the ends then repeat on the other side. Don’t make it too tight, just out of the way. I hate those strange kinks at the end of my hair so instead of using elastic hair ties to secure your braids try using scrunchies. If you already have curly hair or don’t want to create waves simple twist the hair at the back of your head and gather your hair on top of your head. I tend to secure this with a small clip at the ends of my hair that way there us no chance of accidentally rolling on it when you toss and turn at night.


clip in hair extensions-wake-up-gorgeous hair-switch-pillow-case


4.Switch your pillowcase

Cotton pillowcases are fine ever every day but they aren’t the best for your hair so if you have a big day the next day and you want to make sure your have looks great opt for a satin pillowcase, say goodbye to damaged hair.


clip in hair extensions-wake-up-gorgeous hair-keepit-simple



  1. Keep it simple silly (kiss)

I use the kiss method of working when I am in a rush in the morning so have 5 easy styles in your mind that are your defaults for looking good when you are short of time and no-one will ever know you slept through your alarm. Check out https://blog.cliphair.co.uk//how-to-hairstyles/3-easy-hairstyles-you-can-do-in-5-minutes/ for great ideas.

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