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How to rock a twisted low bun


I am in love with twisted looks at the moment. Not only are they brilliant all by themselves by they are also great for helping your hair form tight, small curls. I came across a picture of this hairstyle on Pinterest and I was instantly hooked. I love how chunky it is and how easily it can be dressed up or down. This is like a contained messy look so it isn’t too perfect but looks amazing. Keep reading to get this great twist style yourself.




Add some texture
This look is all about depth. The different twists and gathered sections look great but they require a thick base and texture. To make sure your locks are lovely and thick add your Cliphair extensions if they aren’t already in. I have done this with damp hair so I added texture spray from the middle of my hair to the end and tipped my head forward and scrunched my hair to get air through it.





Make the base
Create a shallow side part. Take two large sections from the front of your hair to your ears and pin them out of the way for now. Pull out any strands you want to frame your face. Now you have sectioned your front section gather the rest of your hair at the back and create a low messy bun. To do this pull you hair almost all the way through your hair tie then secure it with the ends still in the hair tie. If you are wearing this to work or out you make want to use hair pins to secure the bun more firmly to your head so it stays put. Remember it is meant to look messy so don’t make it too tight.




Do your twists
Once you are happy with your messy bun, it is time to move onto move on to making your twist braids. Take a small section next to the smaller half of your part. Divide it into two and twist both parts away from your face. Wrap them around each other towards your face so they interlink properly. As you travel back towards your ear add more strand into your twist to make them longer and make your braid thicker. Once you get to the end secure with a clear hair tie and pinch your braid to volumize it. You are going to do exactly the same on the other side of your hair part but this side is going to be a little bit thicker.




Finishing your look
To finish this look you are really just marrying your braids and your bun together. I started with my larger braid and draped it over your bun and wrap the end of your braid around the bottom of your bun. You don’t want to pull your braid too tight or you will lose the volume but the good news is hairpins are easy to hide in your braid. Do the same with the smaller braid but in the opposite direction to finish.


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