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How to recover from a Christmas party

How to recover from a Christmas party
Authored By Katie O' Connor


Christmas parties can be amazing or tragic but whatever fun you have on an actual evening the next morning is never fun. If you are anything like me you get dressed up in a great outfit, have my makeup looking great and hair looking hot with my extensions making the look picture perfect. The next morning, however, not so glam, and feeling more like an ogre. Come on girls we have all been there. I have a routine down now for making myself and my hair extensions so everything is refreshed and starts looking good again. 


Take a relaxing bath



trust me this one is a lifesaver. Your body needs time to heal and your mind needs to stop pounding and settle so a nice relaxing bath is what the doctor orders. Having baths have such an amazing effect on your mood (which let’s face it is never good the day after a party). The other reason baths are so amazing is that it will help your sore muscles recover quicker.


Drink refreshing coconut water



This is my hangover go to for rehydration. I don’t know if it is because it has loads of potassium or it just tastes so damn good but it works wonders!


Don a face detoxing mask



Your face will not look the same as the night before, that doesn’t even need to be said. With your skin not feeling or looking the best you need to reboot your beauty regime. To make your skin look good again put on a face mask to draw out all of the toxins that you put into yourself the night before. This works perfectly whilst you are in the bath (two birds one stone). Get yourself a good quality mask though there is no point putting something full of chemicals on your face.


TLC your hair extensions



As rough as you may be feeling your hair extensions probably went through a much tougher night than you. Think about it, you backcombed them and added loads of product to them before your left. Once you actually got to the party you were probably bumped into, causing more stress, and probably had more than one drink splashed on it. So yeah this is not great for your extensions. To get this situation rectified it in time to break out deep treatment. Do not try and comb out your knots yet start by cleaning your extensions. So make sure your use sulphate free shampoo and conditioner. That is just that starter. Using a hair mask is great with your own locks which are great so you are going to do the same to your extensions. After you leave it in for the time your mask says and grab your extension brush before you wash out your extensions brush through. This is the gentlest way to get the knots out without further damaging your locks. Let them naturally dry and they will look stunning again.




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