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How to Protect Your Hair This Winter

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The weather outside may be frightful, but it doesn’t mean that your hair has to be too. The Christmas party season will soon be upon us, and it is more important than ever that you learn how to make your locks sparkle and shine. There are so many aspects of winter that can knock the life right out of your hair – cold, damp, wind, moisture, even air that’s too dry can have an adverse effect. In fact, it is a mistake to simply assume that a summer hair care routine is enough for autumn and winter too.

As the seasons change, temperatures drop and the moisture levels in the air rapidly change. This can play havoc with skin and hair, particularly if you also start to use your central heating around this time of the year. We all spend the vast majority of winter dipping in and out of warm offices and homes, from cold streets and harsh environments, constantly exposing our hair to unhealthy temperature fluctuations. Yet, there are various ways in which you can protect your locks.

The key issue is moisture – the harsh climes of winter strip hair of moisture, so you have to put more back in than you would in summer. This means using high quality conditioner, shampooing less regularly (where possible), indulging in intensive hair masks and just generally treating your locks with a little tender loving care. This is the ClipHair guide to protecting your hair (whether it’s clip in or natural) this winter – read it, use it, keep your locks looking beautiful.

1. If possible, invest in a high quality moisturising shampoo and conditioner. It will add much needed moisture to your hair, during the coldest months of the year.

2. It is a good idea to incorporate a hair mask into your weekly hair care routine. These intensive treatments are usually designed to be left in overnight, and they work best if you towel dry your hair before application.

3. One of the very best products for winter hair care is argan oil, as it inputs both moisture and shine. It is important, however, that you pick up the right kind of oil for your hair type. If you have very thin or fine hair, applying a heavy argan oil will make your locks look greasy.

Aragan oil
moisture and shine
moisture and shine2
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4. A lot of girls tend to turn to their straighteners during the winter months, particularly if the months are especially wet. This really isn’t always the best idea, because nothing sucks moisture out of hair faster than heat based styling products. If you simply cannot bear to be a bit of a curly girl during the winter, invest in a high quality heat protective spray – and try to cut down on the use of these styling products as much as possible.

5. One of the easiest ways to protect hair during the winter is also one of the most obvious – just get a regular trim. This will make sure that dry, dead ends are rooted out and do not get a choice to upset that lustrous sheen that you have worked so hard for over the summer.

6. It is a fact that hair loses its colour faster in the winter than it does in the summer, primarily because we are all naturally washing our locks more often. With the wind and the rain a near constant foe, hair washing sessions become more frequent. If possible, wash your hair in lukewarm water rather than very hot water, because it slows the fading process.

7. After you have washed your hair, dip the ends in cold water to help seal and close the hair cuticles. This is important if you want to avoid split ends, after you wash your locks.

dip the ends in cold water
wash your hair in lukewarm water
protect your hair from cold
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8. If you do find that your hair and scalp is growing flakier than usual, you are advised to invest in a medicated shampoo – where possible, a product containing salicylic acid. After applying the shampoo, stimulate the scalp by massaging lightly with a soft bristled brush. This will increase blood circulation to the scalp and help keep flakes at bay.

9. If it is really cold outside, you are going to need a warm hat. Now, a lot of women simply decide to risk discomfort and go without, all because it might mess up their hair. There is no need – just use volumising spray before you leave the house, and give your locks a quick spritz with the spray after taking off your hat.

10. For girls who really do suffer with unhealthy hair, during the winter months, protective styles can come in really handy. If you find yourself constantly finger combing throughout the day, tie your hair back into a top knot or a fishtail braid – constant contact will cause split ends.

So they’re our top-10 tips for protecting your hair, but we’d love to know any of your own hair-care secrets in the comments below!

Written By Ula Haris

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