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How to make your natural curls look amazing

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If you have natural curls it can often feel like you are battling with them most of the time. I have definitely felt this. On some occasions, I have felt like bad hair days were invented specifically to describe my hair. As I have gotten older I have straightened my hair way less and have actually started to love my curly hair. Why? I have learnt to work with it instead of against it. I have finally learned what makes my curls tick and how to make them look the most glamorous and amazing. If you want to make this most of your curls follow this step-by-step tutorial and show them off by #wearcliphair


Step number 1: preparation

This style definitely has to be done with newly washed hair. I find that it works even better if I have just used a hair mask. There is not much preparation you need to do for this look, to be honest, I would say that If your hair is tangle prone you may find it easier to brush after you have rinsed out your hair mask. Before you do anything else spritz on a heat protecting serum and a curl enhancer if you use one.


Step number 2: learn to defuse

If you are drying your curls and using a hair dryer my question is why? And please can you stop? Hair dryers are not our friends if we want to bring out our beautiful curls. Something that will help you dry your hair and is way more curl friendly is a defuser. Have your defuser facing upwards and place a section of your hair on it. You should hold it on there for about 30 seconds on medium heat. Repeat this all over your hair and flip your hair forward so you get your roots.


Step number 3: time to define

What you will have is great natural curls with some volume. What you may be lacking are defined curls. This is where we can fake it a little. We are going to pick out some key curls are to make sure that they are defined. I like to really help out my hair by adding some Cliphair extensions.

I actually pre curl these extensions before I put them in, this means I will not have to curl as many of my own strands of hair. Using a ½ inch barrel or at least the thinner side of a 1-inch barrel pick out a couple of dozen of curls to curl. You don’t have to worry about which way to curl your hair, actually curling them in the way your curls naturally flow, it will look natural. Once you have done this all overrun your fingers through your hair to break up some of the curls.

Play around so you can see what parting you want to go with. Once you are happy with how your curls are sitting add some hairspray.


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