How to make sure you have the right new hair cut for you

Whether you are cutting your own hair or trimming your Cliphair extensions to be a bit more bold, cutting your hair can feel like a huge leap of faith. We have a truly meaningful connection to our hair and use it, often as an expression of our personality. It makes sense that we would be hesitant to try something different. The new year is often a great time to re-invent yourself. New gym, new facial routine, new hair. Today I want to talk to you about some of the things you should consider when you are thinking about getting your extensions or hair cut. #wearcliphair.


Think about your lifestyle

When we go for a haircut we often imagine ourselves coming out as glamorous as Carrie Bradshaw (or at least I do) but what about the rest of the time? We forget the ads and tv shows with the picture perfect actresses have a team behind them to look after their look, we do not. Do your research before heading to the hairdressers. How much time with this take to maintain and does it suit my face shape? Sometimes it may burst your bubble but it is good to go into these things with your eyes wide open. I am not saying don’t go for it, just go for it totally prepared.


Know what you will need

This is the next thing to think about. You might have the basics like hairspray but is that what you will need to keep your new cut looking fresh and fabulous? It can be hard to break the routine we are currently doing and not use our favourite products as much but what you are using now may not be required/as useful on your new hairstyle. This is something to consult the experts about. If someone you know has the same style as the one you are going for, by all means, ask them but you should also ask the hairdresser when you get your hair cut. This doesn’t mean you need to get everything they recommend but it might be worth looking and the steps they take when styling your hair and choose the most important products and make sure you have them.

Be specific

I have definitely been guilty of being a little vague. Walking into a hairdresser and saying “I want a bob kind of thing” is not going to end up with the image you have in your mind. Hairdressers are great at reading people but they do not mind readers. The best thing you can do is have a specific reference and know exactly what the style is called that you want to avoid confusion. If in doubt take a photo in of the style you are after and ask what that would look like on you with your hair type. Being specific and open to the expert’s opinion is the best way to get a great cut.

Be bold

Finally, be bold! You only live once and you can always get another set of hair extension and your hair will grow. If you really want a cut, go for it!

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