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How to look after your extensions on holiday

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That’s right ladies, I’m heading off for a week but don’t worry I won’t be abandoning you. As it is the half term I thought many of you may be going away too. Sometimes getting your hairstyle nice at home can be a challenge and that is with all your usual tools and products. You don’t want to be stressed out by ratty looking hair extensions on your trip and neither do I so I have decided to share with you some of the tips and tricks from my previous holidays so that yours will be a breeze.

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Tip #1: pack your products wisely

Most hotels provide you with a shampoo/ conditioner all in one and it is free, which we love but for the sake of your hair I am begging you, do not use it! This stuff is so cheap and rubbish and it will make your hair and your hair extensions feel horrible. So, my first big tip is to pack your own trusted products. I know the hundred ml rule can make this hard but if you go down to your local supermarket and pick up some travel bottles to put your products in.

cliphair-extensions-taking care-on-holiday-styles

Tip #2: find styles for your natural hair texture

This is a total lifesaver. The worst thing you can do is rock up to a brand new place and expect that the water will have the same effect on your locks. Different areas have different types of water and different levels of humidity so always hope for the best and prepare for the worse. If that means your hair is poker straight then make sure your hair extensions are too and is if you have a bit of a wave-like pre curl them and pack your mousse.

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Tip #3: check out the weather

This one will help your wardrobe and your hair. We always forget the little practical things when travelling to a new place. If for instance, you are going to a tropical island that is going to be really hot you make want to think about some funky hair accessories that will great with a few updos. If you are travelling to a windy or snowy place check out some styles in advance that would look good matched with a beanie. It will keep you stylish and warm.

cliphair-extensions-taking care-on-holiday-correct-extensions

Tip #4: pack your extensions correctly

You have a suitcase to store and protect your clothes but it isn’t enough to protect your hair extensions. If you are going on a long flight you won’t want to wear your extensions so you can sleep. The key thing to remember is to keep the plastic packaging that the hair extensions came in. the plastic is perfect for stopping water and dirt getting to your lovely extensions and it allows you to lay the extensions flat. The best thing about packing your extensions in the plastic bag is that you can fit a comb inside the bag as well. Win, win,

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