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How to highlight your highlights

I don’t what it is about the sun that makes me want to show off my locks and my hair but hey why fight it? I know I am not the only one to feel extra feminine and free at this time of the year. So many of us are trying new hairstyles and pay extra attention to hair treatments before we go away on holiday. We not only try new colours and styles but we really like to make the most of our existing highlights (both dyed and natural). Today I am going to show you how to do just that so keep reading and #wearcliphair.

The lemon trick

this is a great way to bring out (and actually create) natural highlights without dying your locks. It is best applied on damp hair. Juice 2 fresh lemons and put the juice in an empty spray bottle. Add the same amount of water as juice to dilute it. Spritz this all over your hair, particularly on the area you want to be the lightest, like around your face.

Once it is on but on some suncream because you are going to sit in the sun for 30 minutes and wait for your hair to dry and lighten at the same time. Once you have done this rinse your lemon juice out and add a good nourishing conditioner. Do this a couple of times a month and you will see some great results.


Don’t commit- use you Cliphair extensions

If you want to try out a different highlighted shade but don’t want to commit full time to maintenance or hair damage from hair dye. You can colour match your hair and go one shade lighter or darker, depending on your preference. It is also a fantastic way to try out an ombre style with your natural hair or a layered look with different shades. If you have gone from a deeper shade to a lighter look this is a great time to mix your two sets of hair extensions to give you that naturally sun-kissed look.

Add some gloss

Often the problem isn’t the shade of your high or low lights it is that they are faded and become hidden in your overall base colour. If you bring a bit of shine back into your hair you will be able to bring some more attention to your highlights. Separate your hair into four sections and make sure each section is knot free. Add an almond size amount of oil to your palm and massage this into your hair.

Everyone’s hair is different, I love coconut oil for my locks. Create twist braids with each of your quarters and clip them up for now. Don’t forget to moisturise your scalp with the oil. Leave it to dry naturally overnight or add a cap and use a little heat to speed up the process. Once dry it is time to rinse out your oil and use 2 lots of conditioner to get out any excess.


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