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How to get the perfect lace braid

Lace braid look amazing and are perfect for festival fun. There is something mystical about lace braids the make me feel incredibly regal. I hadn’t tried it until I saw someone wearing it and I had to give it a go too. I was surprised how easy it is to loop the braid around your hair. Today I want to show you exactly how to achieve it so keep reading this step-by-step tutorial and #wearcliphair to show off your look.

Step number 1: Preparation

This look is really kind to your hair as it is a heat-free look. I tried it with my natural short hair and it doesn’t work so pop in your Cliphair extensions to get the length you will need to make his style amazing. Your roots may be on show so make sure your hair is clean or at least you have dry shampoo. Create a straight side part from your hairline to your crown.




Step number 2: Start your braid

Take a section of hair on the deep part of your hair, right next to your part. Divide it into three as if you are going to create a three-strand braid. Create one row as a three-strand braid. Take some hair from next to it, add it to the front strand and weave it over the middle. With a lace braid, you will only be adding hair to the front section as you travel with your braid. If you want it to be tight, hold the strands close to where they cross. Stop just behind your ear.





Step number 3: complete your look

If you were creating a standard lace braid you could continue your look with a three-strand braid but this version is a bit different. Continue your braid back towards your crown.  Once you reach the back of your crown your braid should be thick enough so you can just continue it to the end and secure with a clear elastic. Pinch the braid to pancake it then wind your braid around the rest of your hair. Make sure that you have about the same amount of space between each twirl. You can secure each of these with bobby pins. If you want to take the elastic at the end out, you can do that but I would use at least 3 pins to make sure it is secure.


Katie O’Connor

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