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How to get the perfect heatless autumn waves

Authored By Katie O' Connor


Waves are always in fashion in my books and this year it has been all about textured waves. Long textured waves are all over Pinterest and our Cliphair Instagram so we know they are here to stay. It is even thought to be one of the big trends of the catwalk at the season’s London Fashion Week. This hairstyle is perfect to wear anywhere, any time. I personally love rocking this style with my ombre Cliphair extensions in. the best part is that this look doesn’t have to destroy your hair. For today’s step-by-step tutorial we are going heatless to show you how you can create gorgeous autumn waves yourself. As always we love to see your stunning styles so #wearcliphair to show your styles off.



Step number 1: Prepare
As with most heatless styles, you will need semi-damp locks to make it work so I always wash my hair and extensions beforehand. Unless I am straightening my hair I generally don’t blow-dry my locks. Air drying takes more time but it so much more friendly on your locks. I have done something slightly unorthodox with my extension application this time, just because it was neater when creating the look and made it easier for me to see. Instead of adding the full set of extensions I added all the one and two clip pieces from two sets evenly spread out in my hair. It ended up being about the same volume added so if you don’t have a spare set you can use a full set and just be more careful when dividing your hair.



Step number 2: Divide and conquer
These sections do not have to be exactly the same width but it makes it so much easier if the lines are straight to avoid tangling so I used a fishtail comb. Before you start dividing make sure that your hair is brushed and the hair extensions are blended, if your hair is getting too dry you may also want to spritz it with some water. Create a centre parting and from that divide your hair into 2-inch chunks. You may want to secure these with small hair ties so you can focus on the section you are working with more easily.


Step number 3: Twist away
Take one of your sections and twist it away from your face then place two fingers at the top of your section. Bring the ends of the section up, over your fingers and behind the very top part of the section. Then wind the rest of the ends around the root of your section. When you get to the very end of the section pull the ends halfway through the looped section that was around your fingers and wiggle the wound part down to keep it in place. Now pins are required if you have twisted your hair tightly enough. Repeat this over the rest of your hair.

Because this is a heatless look it does need to stay in for a few hours. Leaving them in whilst your sleep is a great way to wake up with fabulous curls in the morning. When you take them all out add some texture spray and hairspray before you give them a shake to get full-bodied textured curls.


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