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How To: Get that look the balayage blends


From Pretty Little Liars to Zoella we have seen the balayage blends soar in popularity this year. It is brilliant and started with the ombre look. Whilst a strict ombre look is bold and a big style statement the balayage style used the same beautiful colours but are blended much more subtly to gradually lighten and brighten your look. Whilst copper and golden blondes were once the looks to go for this year we are in love with a whole range of new colours to suit everyone’s natural tone. Keep reading to get up to date with the hottest hair trend of the year.




Cool toned blonde


If you have naturally blonde hair or are tired of your regular dyed blond do then this is the way forward. The first time I saw Ashley Benson rocking this style in Pretty Little Liars I was blown away. It is amazing how gradually lightening to ice blonde makes your whole face appear lighter and brighter. This is perfect for the summer and will make any lipstick pop. Word the wise if you want your own hair to get a little lighter at the end try mixing in some lemon juice in with your hair serum.




Glitzy grey

This is the latest balayage colour that is taking the fashion world by storm. Glitzy silver/ grey is turning the fear of elderly greying on its head. We are now loving this tone because of how different it is (plus it looks amazing with a good highlighter). If you have lighter hair this won’t stand out as well but if you have luscious raven locks then this is totally for you. Having destroyed my hair for years with bleach the safest way to add your glitzy grey locks in is definitely with hair extensions. If you want them balayage, get a set of ombre hair extensions and carefully layer the colour and lengths in your hair. A bit of preparation but this look is so stunning it is definitely worth it.




Pastel pink

Woah! This is not a look to be ignored! You may love Pink the singer but despite the similarity in colour, this is a very different type of look. Pastel pink was popular last year and if you consider yourself a bit more of a romantic than that is the shade for you. If you want to be noticed and rock this year’s trend, it is all about the rose gold tones. I have seen rose gold look brilliant on ladies with gorgeous dark locks as well as naturally ginger and blonde gals. I have to admit I prefer rose gold over a pastel pink because the undertone of gold means that it goes better with your bronzer as well as different clothing colours.


There you go! You have three stunning shades that are taking that 2017 balayage trend to the next level. Remember this style is all about a subtle build up of colour so if you are doing it yourself I make take a few times to get the dying right. If you are more into instant gratification cheat and use your hair extensions for the balayage colour boost.


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