How to get tangle free hair and hair extensions

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When you wear hair extensions as often as I do it is not hard for them to get tangled without the proper TLC. That has nothing to do with the quality of the extensions and everything to do with the quality of the upkeep. We do so much to our hair to make it look fab from teasing to spraying to heated tools. I think it is totally worth it but the fact of the matter is tangling happens as a result of all of this styling. Today I am going to go through some awesome ways to ensure that your hair and extensions remain tangle-free so you can look and feel fab all the time.




Step number 1: consider your hair type

When you are trying to treat any problem (hair or otherwise) it is always best to fix a problem is to find out its root. For a lot of people, the chances of tangling can increase because of their hair type. If you are like me and you have thick curly hair or have left your curls in for too long without brushing them out. This will be exacerbated if you don’t have enough moisture in your hair your hair rubs against your pillow. When your hair is dryer the strands rub together causing tangling.



Step number 2: the shower remedy

Detangling your hair doesn’t have to take a year, it can easily become part of your everyday routine. This goes back to your shower routine. If you are not using your conditioner regularly, particularly towards the end, then it is time to start now. If this doesn’t help then try and apply a hair mask to will limit the friction and limit the chance of tangling.


Step number 3: investigate different styles

Hairstyles can look amazing but not all of them need you to use hot tools to create them. Heat weakens your hair and takes out a lot of moisture, increasing the chances of tangling. There are so many styles for both casual and formal looks that do not involve using heated tools so spend 10 minutes investigating a style that would work for you and look incredible with your hair extensions.  If you are stuck for ideas braided looks are great and can look so intricate and interesting so are a great place to start. If you do have to use heated tools it is an absolute must that you use a heat protectant and a bit of serum to stop damage and help prevent tangling.


Step number 4: sleep right

Tossing and turning whilst we sleep is normal but it does cause a lot of hair issues. There is a super easy way to combat this, braids. Divide your hair in half and create two braids from the nape of your neck. If you want this to hold as waves in the morning create your braids a little tighter and add some hair mousse to your look.



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