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How to get perfect sexy straight hair every time

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Getting sexy straight hair is always a winner. It sounds simple to achieve but for a lot of us, our hair has a mind of its own most of the time. Getting a flawless straight style can be time-consuming and the next day you definitely feel like there is a product build up in your hair. So, how can you achieve sexy straight hair that is the minimal fuss? That is the question I want to answer today. If you want a sexy straight keep reading this step-by-step tutorial ad #wearcliphair to show off your looks.


Step number 1: prepare for sexy hair

I always start by putting in some dry shampoo, this isn’t really about oily roots (although it is very helpful if you have second or third-day hair) but it is more about the volume it helps to create. Flip your hair forward and massage it in with your fingers. Pop in your Cliphair extensions, if you do this style correctly I won’t matter which type of extension you use. Straight hair is great for showing off multi-tonal hair so if you are mixing your tones that aren’t in the same set, stack them and put them in behind your ears. To help you the extensions blend properly, brushing them is essential. To avoid knotting try brushing your hair from the ends upward. This may sound weird but it will stop the brush dragging your hair and potentially causing damage and causing any knots.

Step number 2: protect your locks

Before you put your extensions in add some heat protecting serum to your extensions and pre-straighten them, this will save you a ton of time. Brush this through then make sure you have enough heat protecting serum/spray on the ends of the rest of your hair. This will stop frizzing and keep your hair looking healthy.


Step number 3: sleek locks

The trick to making sure that you get sleek straight hair is to work with small sections. I work from the underneath upwards so use a fishtail comb to separate the row of hair along the nape of your neck and tie the rest of your hair up and out of the way. I like to work with small sections as I think it makes the final product better. I divide my rows into two-inch sections.

This next bit may take a bit of practice but it is well worth it. Place your straightener directly above your hairbrush and as you are pulling your brush down, pull your straightener down at the same time. Only start straightening from your ears down so you don’t risk flattening your hair at the roots.

When you get to the ends try and curve your ends inward. It will give you that ‘just come from the salon’ look. To finish add some coconut oil just to your fingertips then use it to get rid of flyaways. Add some hairspray and you are done.


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