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How to get gorgeous sleek locks


Although we all love our waves and curls, particularly this year, it is still important to have lovely sleek locks. Healthy locks and long hair looks incredible with a casual holiday look or flowing against a gorgeous dress. It is not always easy to achieve this perfect look in the heat so today I want to show you just how to achieve it. So, keep reading this step-by-step tutorial and #wearcliphair.


Step number 1: Preparation

I always think preparation is important but as it gets warmer so it is extra important for this look. I think that this looks the best with newly washed hair so your roots are their fullest. I find my roots have the most volume when I don’t apply conditioner directly to them but rather condition from your ears down. This time of year I also tend to use a hair mask twice a week rather than once a week to combat frizz and flyaways. The way you dry your hair will depend on your hair type. I let my hair naturally dry when I can, particularly if I am going to be using heated tools for styling.

Step number 2: get the basics sorted

Once your hair is nice and dry put in your Cliphair extensions. I find that straight hair is great to show off different colours or ombre extensions. Tease your roots a little to add to the volume before you put a full set in. if you already have straight hair straighten your extensions separately. If you are doing this make sure you put heat protecting serum on your hair. Once your extensions are in brush them through to make sure they are blended properly.


Step number 3: straighten like a pro

Now it is time to straighten your locks. People have different methods for making their hair sleek, shiny and straight. My secret is in coconut oil. I love this stuff so much but you only need a little to make a big difference. You will need to divide your hair into inch wide sections add a little coconut oil to your fingers and run them down the strand to the ends then brush your strand and run the straightener down the section of hair. I tend to do this from about ear level down so I don’t flatten my roots. If you want to have your face framed then make sure you sweep inwards at the ends a little. Top up the coconut oil if there are flyaways and finish by adding some hairspray.


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