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How to get flawless mermaid waves this spring

Spring has definitely sprung and there is a much more relaxed vibe in the city. I love how transformed everything is, suddenly people are smiling more on public transport and wearing lovely bright colours again. One of the things I love the most is socialising with friends, everybody makes more time for each other now that the sun is out and barbecues are happening left and right. Hair that matches this vibe sounds silly but I genuinely believe this style is perfect for this time of year. Mermaid waves are fun, flirty and make you look effortlessly stunning. They have been rocked by everybody from Lady Gaga to Blake Lively so without any further ado let’s get started on the step by step guide to beautiful mermaid waves.




Mermaids are these gorgeous, elegant and memorizing creatures with long flowing hair and shiny tales. It is no surprise that having long flowing hair is a must, in my opinion, for mermaid waves. So, if you don’t have long, thick hair naturally fake it by putting in your tape in hair extensions or clip in Cliphair extensions. You will be starting from a centre parting so make sure that you place the extensions where they will not be seen. Because this look is very flowing, straight lines are particularly obvious so grab a comb and make sure your parting is dead straight. Make sure your hair is lovely and smooth before you move on.



Pre- braiding treatment

Split your hair in two and add a little water (it should be only slightly damp) to your hair to make it easier to mould and work with.  You don’t want to dampen your roots just the midsection and the ends. I saved an old hairspray bottle and filled it with water to give an even application. Go over the same section with some hairspray so your waves will hold.




This bit is key. Divide each half of your hair in half again. Tie one up as you won’t need it right now. Divide the other section into three and start to create a really tight three-strand braid. When you get to the bottom secure with a small hair tie and move on to the next section. Repeat on the other half of your hair. Spritz your braids with a little more hairspray so they hold whilst they are drying.



The waiting game

This one is really up to your hair, unfortunately. If your hair is reasonably quick to dry it might only take 20 minutes but if your hair holds water for quite a while it can take up to 2 hours. You can either chill around the house or leave them in whilst sleeping if you want to do this whole style without heat. If you are in a rush and don’t mind using a hairdryer turn the heat down on it and it will help make the process a little bit faster.




Finishing touches

Once you can feel your braids are dry gently unravel them and run your fingers through them and you are done




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