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How to get beautiful, heat free beach babe waves


It is that time of year! Bikinis, shorts, flowing dresses and hair are all the rage. No style is more popular than the beach babe waves. These gorgeous textured waves look amazing, natural and make you feel like you have been on holiday (even if you have not). Today I want to share with you how to create this look without resorting to heat. With the sun out more, we are likely to have more heat damage to our lock already, to reduce this we should be using less heated tools on our hair. That is why I am going heat free for this look. Don’t forget to show off your style by #wearcliphair.


Step number 1: preparation

I always start with this because if you get your prep wrong you will not be able to have a lovely look. It is particularly important with a heat freestyle. The first thing is first this style is brilliant on newly washed hair. If you haven’t got time to wash your locks don’t worry I will show you an Alternative. Make sure your hair is 100% tangle free then add in a full set of hair extensions. Once they are in, and brushed and blended, get a spray bottle and spray your locks and extensions are damp.


Step number 2: get your paper towels

This look is easily created with the help of some simple kitchen roll. It is inexpensive and can be recycled afterwards so it is eco-friendly. Make you have enough each section should be double the length of your hair. Fold it in half so it is stronger and not too thick.

Step number 3: divide and conquer

This really depends on how small you want your waves to be if you want smaller, tighter waves then you will need to divide your hair into 8 sections. If, however, you prefer larger looser waves than divide into 4. loop the centre of your paper towel around the top of each section, using a bobby pin to keep it in place. Each section is going to be braided as a 3 part braid with the hair action and one part and either side of the kitchen roll acting as the other 2. Once you get to the end user a hair tie or a couple of bobby pins to keep it in place. Repeat with every section of your hair and let it dry. You can add some light hold hairspray now to help it keep the shape. When it is dry unravel your braids and brush the sections through with your fingers. If you want it to look more undone then add some texture spray and scrunch it into your hair.


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