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How to get a salon quality blow dry/ blowout


This is something I hear a lot of questions about. We have all had those moments when we think we are replicating what the hairdresser did in the salon but it just doesn’t look that same so, how do you get a blow-dry like a pro? That is the question I am going to try and answer today. Having wavy hair this is something that I have experimented with a lot to get the perfect straight hair without the frizz.

Keep reading this step-by-step tutorial so you can get that perfect blow dry with your Cliphair extensions in. Don’t forget to #wearcliphair to show off your style.



Get the right tools

Getting the right tools together is imperative for getting the right tools. Have your newly washed extensions in. as I wear my extensions frequently I tend to was my extensions the same amount of times as I do my own hair. You will need a comb to make sure your hair is tangle free and you are dividing it accurately. You will also need some clips so that your hair stays out of the way whilst you are working on the rest of it. Now when it comes to brushes this can be different depending on what your hair is like. If you have silky locks flat brushes are the way to go. If you are like me bristle barrel brushes are great. There is a bit of tugging but no pain, no gain.


How to start

The key to a great blow dry starts even before you turn your blow dryer on. You want to have your hair wrapped in a towel for about 15 minutes before you go for the blow dry, that way all of the excess water has gone, trust me it keeps things tidier and easier. You ultimately want it to be 80% dry by the time you are blow drying it. Now that your hair is damp but not soaking, add your hair extensions if you haven’t already and brush your hair with them in to blend them. Rub some smoothing serum into your hands and work it through your hair so that your locks stay lovely and soft, add some extra at your ends to keep them nice and moisturised. If you struggle to get the volume you like to add a little bit of dry shampoo just at your roots for some extra lift.


Blow dry

create a centre part. You are going to begin your blow dry around your hairline to minimise frizz. Divide your crown section and pin it away, you are just going to focus on your hairline and the nape of your neck for now. Separate a section of hair next to your part then turn on your hairdryer. You want to keep it against the back of your brush and follow the direction your hair grows to avoid tangling. Pay special attention to the ends so they are fully dry and frizz free. Unravel your hair from the barrel brush then, using your hand wind it back into a big loop and pin whilst cooling. Repeat around your hairline and the nape of your neck. When you are blowdrying your crown do so in an upwards direction to retain body. Add some hairspray, release the curls when they have cooled. Flip your hair forward and shake out your curls and you are done.

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