How to get a knot braid look

I have tried so many different braids (I have curly hair so braids are the best for making them look great but also contained). I thought I had tried them all but this braid is one that I came across recently and I really, really like it. I hope you do too. It looks great from the front and the back and keeps your hair out of your face so you can enjoy your day to the max. Keep reading this step-by-step to find out how to get a know braid look and, as always, #wearcliphair.

Step number 1: Preparation

I always include preparation in with styling tutorials because I think it is super important when you are trying to get a fierce look. Often it is the wrong preparation that will let the style down. To prepare for this look is to put a full set of your Cliphair extensions in and brush your hair thoroughly. Don’t worry if they aren’t 100% blended as you are creating a style that will hide that. Create a centre part from your hairline to your crown. The last bit of prep it to make sure you have a body at your crown so tease your roots to create more oomph.

Step number 2: create your first knot

Separate some face-framing sections then take a small section of hair near each temple. Bring them together and tie them in a knot like you would your shoelaces. Make sure this is dead centre. A good way to judge this is to make sure that you use your centre parting as a guide. Use a small elastic underneath to keep it in place. Pinch the knot and spread it out to conceal the elastic.

Step number 3: make the braid

Take another two sections directly under the ones you have already gathered and repeat this process. Make sure that your knot is flat and directly underneath the one you previously created, secure it in place. The ends left out from your previous knot should lie underneath this one. You are going to repeat this all the way down. It definitely gets more complicated as you move down. You will need to use a mirror as your guide for most of this bust certainly after you reach past the nape of your neck.

What you want to make sure of is that your knots are still aligned. But the shape of your braid doesn’t become narrower, which will make your hair look thinner. Before you add your elastic, use your finger to tug on the sides of your braid so that it remains thick all the way down. I stopped a few inches from the bottom of my hair so I still love the loose end. If you want you can also add some heat protecting spray to your ends and curl them and your face-framing sections for a more romantic look. To finish this style add some hairspray.

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