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How to get a boss-babe, ultra lux braid

I am loving braids right now! There is a lot going on with back to school but braids are not just for festivals and school kids, there are some ultra lux braids out there that scream boss-babe! This is one of those braids. If you are going back to work after a holiday or starting a new job, this style will help you slay.


Step number 1: Preparation

This is a heat-free look so you don’t need lots of prep but add some serum to the ends of your extensions and hair to keep them healthy. Now put your Cliphair extensions in for a thick and lovely braid. Create a side part and bring your hair over to the deep side. Make sure that your extensions are not showing.


Step number 2: create your braid

Take a 1-inch section of hair from the top and divide it into three parts, right, middle and left. If you want to create a fishtail braid like above only divide it into two sections. Take the right side and take it under the middle now take the left section and take it under the new middle section. Remember this is a side braid so angle it accordingly. Repeat the same step and above but start to add extra strands of hair. After a couple of strands, we are going to switch it up. It is time to make this into a french braid. So, instead of adding hair under the middle section, it is time to add them over the middle section. Continue to add strands until you get to the nape of your neck. Make sure that the back of your hair is smooth, bumps are ugly. Continue the rest of your braid until the end of the braid.


Step number 3: finishing touches

So when you have gotten to the end, secure your braid with a clear hair tie. Once everything is in place, it is time to take it to the max. working from the top down, it is time to pinch the edge of your braid all the way down. Don’t pull so much that you pull the sections out but you need to make sure you don’t pull so much that sections get pulled out. The reason I say start at the top is to make sure that your braid is the same width all the way down. If you have a couple of stray strands, use your bobby pins to keep them in place.



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