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How to get a barely there swoop to fake a professional blow dry

Hair that sweeps away from your face gives you a lovely ethereal look and helps to frame and soften your face. It is this curved shape that will let you face that you have just been to the salon. It will give you more volume and make you look like a professional has spent some serious time with a barrel brush. This is super flattering if you have a fringe or not and will make you feel super confident. It is perfect if you are going straight out after work and is guaranteed to impress. Keep reading this step-by-step tutorial to get a gorgeous swoop and don’t forget to #wearcliphair


Step number 1: Preparation

You will need freshly washed hair for this look. If you are working with second-day hair make sure you rinse out any product you have in. it is best to start this look with the damp lock. If you don’t already have your hair extensions in putting them in at your crown, making sure they are damp too. This aim is to make sure this style looks natural yet immaculate so your Cliphair extensions giving you a little bit of extra height is perfect. As always before you add any heat to your hair add some heat protecting serum, particularly to your extensions and the ends of your hair. To save my hair I actually tend you set my blow dryer to cool rather than heat. I also use a paddle brush. It is so much easier with thicker hair and the air blowing through the brush helps it to dry sooner.

Step number 2: Add some movement

The trick to achieving a lovely curve is to add some movement when you dry your hair. Separate a triangle of hair from the top of your head to your hairline. Tie the rest of your hair out of the way for now. As you are blow drying this triangle section gently brush it to the left the to the right. Continue this process until the front section is dry. I tend to blow dry my hair with the blowdryer facing down so that my roots are dry but the ends of my hair do not get damaged. Create your part and move your sections with your fingers rather than your brush so you do not ruin your curve.


Step number 3: Focus on the back

Now that you have worked on the front it is time to focus on the back. Take down your hair and divide it in half horizontally. You want to keep the same downward facing technique. With the lower half try and brush the hair towards your face with the upper half sweep your hair away from your face. This will add more dimension to your hair and make it look interesting. Really work on your crown section to add height. You might even want to tease your roots. Blend with your front section using your fingers then add hairspray.


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