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How to fix a bad hair day

Authored By Katie O' Connor 0 Comment(s)

We all have those days, we leave the bed thinking everything will be ok and then we look in the mirror. There is nothing that can dampen your mood quicker than a bad hair day. Even when we are styling our hair there are some days when it just doesn’t come together. Today I want to share with you some amazing ways to save your hair so you can still go out feeling confident and great. If you love these hacks as much as I do and want to show your gorgeous hair off #wearcliphair.


Kinks in your hair

This is one of the most common things that is super annoying. It usually happens in second-day hair and, I hate to say it, sometimes it is actually our fault. Most of the time it is caused by us either sleeping funny or from marks from our hair ties. This is super easy to solve. Hair serum is your best friend, add some to serum to your dent or, if you brush will not get gunky, to your brush and brush it through the dented section of your hair. This is exactly the same for your Cliphair extensions Finally if you don’t want your hair to dent the next time, try a scrunchie. It is best if your hair easily breaks as well.


Dreaded flyaways

I find I get these after working out or when it gets really hot. It is not a good look, to say the least. This is some something I get particularly with my baby hair and can turn a fab style into something drab. Thank goodness this is easy to remedy. All you need to do is grab an old toothbrush (clean it first, of course) and spray some loose hold hairspray to your toothbrush. Gently go over the flyaways, don’t press too hard or this will affect your overall style.


Dry, brittle hair

This one is easy to solve with a weekly deep conditioning hair treatment. If you are still having a bad hair day and you don’t have leave in conditioner available then melt some coconut oil into your palms and work it through the ends of your hair for lush, healthy hair and Cliphair extensions.


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