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How to Curl your Hair with a Straightener: 5 Easy Steps

How to Curl your Hair with a Straightener: 5 Easy Steps

Curling your hair with straighteners may be something that you have been doing for years but getting those perfect curls takes a little practice. Whether you are going away and must pack light, have hair too short to wrap around big tongs, or your waves have simply lost their bounce, this technique is a useful and fool-proof way to getting those flowing waves.

Read our step-by-step guide to get awesome curls and don’t forget to tag Cliphair with your look.


Step 1: Prepare your hair

Curling your hair with straighteners usually works best and lasts the longest on freshly washed hair so when you are ready to curl your hair and extensions with this technique, make sure to wash your hair the same day. As you’ll be using a heated tool, your hair will appreciate you using a little extra conditioner on your ends.


Step 2: Apply product

Pop your hair extensions in if they aren’t already and spritz some heat protection spray through your ends. If your hair tends to knot easily, add some detangling spray as well. Make sure your hair is thoroughly brushed. To avoid your roots looking flat, we recommend scrunching a little mousse into your roots for extra volume.


Step 3: Blow-dry

A great way to avoid frizz is to angle your hairdryer so the air is blowing from root to tip and brush as you dry. 


Step 4: Styling

Once your hair is completely dry, divide your hair in half and tie the top half out of the way. Divide a one-inch section from your bottom half. Take your straighteners and put them a couple centimetres from your roots. Close the straightener tongs and roll them 360 degrees away from your head. Hold the tale of your hair section out and move the rolled straighteners towards the ends. When you get to the end, twirl the strand around your finger to help shape it. Spritz the curl with a little hair spray then move onto the next one-inch section. Repeat this process on all of the lower half of your hair, just be careful you don’t burn your ears. Smaller sections around your ears might help with that. You can take down a row from the hair that tied up earlier and repeat the curling process with each row and either side of your hair part.

For tighter curls, straighten though your hair slowly down the hair shaft. For loose waves, glide through your hair with the straighteners quickly. 


Step 5: Shake

You can leave your hair the way it is when you've finished curling it, however, to finish off the look, we recommend quickly running your fingers through your curls, so they look a bit more natural. Flip your hair forward and add the last bit of hairspray so that the style holds with all the body.


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