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How to create epic DNA braids

Authored By Katie O' Connor

I am in love it when new styles and trends come out and this one is a killer. If you have been on Instagram or Pinterest recently you will have noticed these everywhere! They are incredible if you have your natural hair colour but look absolutely amazing with multi-tones, which is perfect during the music and arts festival seasons. Science topics like the double helix in DNA may have once been just for the labs or a much-hated school subject but this has turned the geek into something ultra chic. So keep reading this step-by-step tutorial to get the look yourself.



I love this look because of the contrast of textures so I would recommend that you make sure that the rest of your hair is clean, silky and straight. This might mean that you need to use a hair mask when you wash your locks or simply add some serum when blowdrying or straightening your hair. I one of the things I see all the time is incredible styles up the top but the lower section is limp, thin and lifeless. This really lets your whole style down so if you want your style to be the best it can then add your clip in hair extensions (if you haven’t already got them in) and focus particularly behind your ears and downwards.





Before you divide up your hair and start to create you amazing DNA braids I would suggest lightly teasing your roots. This helps your hair look thicker and helps for your scalp not to show in between your braids. Now that that is taken care of it is time to divide your hair. You are going to start by creating a triangle that starts at your hairline and reaches the tip at your crown. Tie this up out of the way. The other two triangles are only going to be a couple of inches wide at the back of your head and are going to be an inch apart so that your larger braid will fall in the middle.



Creating your braids
Start with the small triangle on the left and separate it into three sections but make the middle one slightly smaller than the other two. Take a small section from the outside of the left third, thread it under the centre and inside of the right third. Now you are going to take a section from outside the right section, take it under that third, over the middle third and join it to the inside of the left third. Pull this tight and continue for a few rows, you will notice that your braid is starting to turn. Don’t flatten or straighten it, this is what we want it to do. Continue to the end then secure with a clear hair tie. If you want it to look more polished wrap a few strands around the hair tie and pin in place at the back. Repeat the same pattern on your other small and larger section to create three gorgeous DNA braids.

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