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How to create an Elsa inspired braid

We are only weeks away from Halloween and one of the biggest inspirations is always frozen. The Disney queen and princess have seen to have won the hearts of girls and women worldwide. This is the most popular costume. Fun fact, did you know that the film was inspired by Norway. If Arrendale were real, it would Probably be based there. Today I want to show you how to create such an amazing braid that will be perfect for your blue gown. #wearcliphair.

Step number 1: prepare your hair

I am going to assume that you are creating this look on your own hair and not a wig that comes with the costume (they never look good). The way to make your look great is to use your own hair, well not all of your own hair. This style calls for extra thick locks so to make it really look great pop in a full set of your Cliphair extensions.

Step number 2: add your crowning volume

you may or may not want to wear a crown as part of your Elsa costume, either way, you need to make your crown full and looking fit for a queen. In this case, the way to do that is to add some volume. Add some hairspray to your roots at your crown. Grab a comb and tease your roots. Repeat this all-around your crown section, make sure you smooth it over.


Step number 3: Create your braid

This is a pretty classic three-strand french braid so even if you are fairly new to braids, you should cope with this one fine. You want to start at your crown so you retain volume at your roots. To make sure you braid is thick as a strand of hair from either side of your braid. You will probably have your hair over one shoulder for most of the night. You will need to angle your braid to help you with this. Start at your nape and bring your hair over one shoulder before you continue with your three-strand braid.

Use a clear hair tie. Use a fishtail comb to lift your roots at your crown. To finish your Elsa look gently tug on the sections of your braid to pancake them to make them lovely and full.if you have enough hair at the ends wrap them around the hair tie.


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