How to create a voluminous infinity braid


Infinity braids are absolutely amazing, they look incredible and have been everywhere from catwalks to festivals. They have been worn by loads of celebs from Rita Ora to Florence Welch and are becoming more and more popular. They may take a little bit of practice at first but it is well worth it. Today I want to show you how to create an infinity style that really pops. If you want something that is truly pictured worthy and will stay out of your face, this blog is definitely for you.

Keep reading this step-by-step tutorial and please show off your gorgeous braid #wearcliphair


Step number 1: preparation

This style is great on second-day hair, I have not even bothered with the dry shampoo for this one on more than one occasion. It does take time so it is not known to do if you are in a real rush. It is totally worth it though, an absolute head turner. To begin, add your Cliphair extensions down centre section of head from the top of your crown to the nape of your neck. This is where your braid will lie and where you will need the most volume.

Brush them to blend then add some texture spray to the ends, this will make the style pop later.

Step number 2: create your infinity braid

Use a fishtail comb to separate an oval shape at the top of your crown then vertically split it in half. Take a small section from the right half, take it under the right half, over the left half and add some more hair from near your left temple to it to make a larger piece. Now, take this under your left half and over your right. This is essentially a figure of 8 shapes (or infinity symbol) that you have just created.

Repeat these steps a few more times working the braid backwards until you get to the place you want your braid to finish. Some people like to finish their braid in line with their ears, I think it looks incredible going all the way to the nape of your neck. Once you have reached your preferred ending area secure with a clear elastic hair tie.


Step number 3: finishing touches

To make this look even more awesome, gently pinch each of the sections of your infinity braid to give it even more volume. I personally don’t like this style to have too much of a manicured look. I prefer it has a personality so if the rows are not exactly the same it doesn’t bother me. You added some texture spray to your ends earlier, this is really going to help as we are going to backcomb this whole area to give it a more undone feel.

Once you have done that take a section and wrap it around the hair tie to conceal it, add some hairspray and you are done.


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