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How to create a faux waterfall braid style


I love learning new styles and this is a brand new one that I am so excited to share with you. Waterfall braids are terrific but for many people, the picking up and dropping strands can be too much to handle. Although practice does make perfect if waterfall braids are a bit overwhelming at the moment but you love the look of them, this is a style I think you are really going to enjoy. I found this on youtube and it is surprisingly easy to do. Keep reading for faux waterfall braid inspiration #wearcliphair.

Step number 1: prepare your hairline

When I saw this on youtube I was balled over by how beautiful, shiny and nourished. Although this look would work well with second day hair I would personally say it will look the best on newly washed hair. In this weather you may even want to put on a hair mask as thororughly nourishished hair is much easier to move and manipulate. This style focused around the crown area so if you haven’t already got your Cliphair extensions in I would suggest putting your extensions in from ear level and down. Volume on top is not important for this look but it looks the best with long thick locks. It will also be a lot easier to handle your hair if it is straight so add some heat protection then straighten your hair.


Step number 2: create the shape

Create a centre parting from your hairline to your crown. Create a triangle shape section at the top of your parting. Tie this up into a small but high ponytail on the top of your head. This may make you feel like Pebbles from the Flintstones but it won’t be for long. Divide the ponytail in half. Focusing on the right half separate it into 3 equal sections. You will be crossing these sections over each other all the way to the end to create a standard 3 strand braid. Do the same with the other half. Secure each braid with small elastic hair ties.


Step number 3: make your braids

Take a 1 inch section of hair to the right of your parting. Poke your fingers through the first row of the right braid to create a small gap. Thread your section through your gap in your braid. This will stay in place by itself. Continue to work your way around your hairline. Stop when you reach your temple. Repeat on the other side with the other braid. This will give the braids that waterfall affect without being as complicated as making an actual waterfall braid.


Step number 4: the finishing touches

Cut the elastic at the base of your two braids. Gather the two braids around the band twist them around each other like you are tying a shoe lace. Pin in place to secure. You can add some hair accessories or a bow then add some hairspray and you are done.


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