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How to blend your extension with mid length hair

As you know lobs and mid-length hair is massively on trend and as you may have seen recently, I have jumped on the bandwagon. I wanted to share with you something I haven’t talked about for a while, how to blend extensions with mid length hair. Some of you may already be pros at this but for those of you who are new to the world of extensions or have just had a haircut, this is a perfect guide for you. This step-by-step tutorial will give you everything you need to master blending your clip in Cliphair extensions. #wearcliphair.



Step number 1: Preparation

Preparing for this process could not be quicker or easier. Firstly make sure you are using the correct extensions. Clip in the extension is the easiest to blend in this case and an absolute must is having thicker extensions to work with. The double weft is your best bet to make the blend look seamless and natural. Brush both your hair and your extensions and you are ready to get started.


Step number 2: Divide and conquer

Unlike most of the time, you do not put your Cliphair extension in first thing. Before you blend divide an inch thick row at the nape of your neck. The easiest way to make this style blend is to hide the bottom row of your natural hair. Starting on the right of the row you put aside, divide this into three and start to create a tight three-strand braid. You want your braid to travel over towards your left side. Once you have gone all the way to the end of your hairpin the braid neatly to your head. This will be used as a row to hang your extensions from and remove the ‘bluntness’ from your style.


Step number 3: Form your rows

You can now essentially put your extensions in as normal. The best way to create more depth and movement to your hair is to stack your extensions by clipping one under the other. This will give you a layered effect and look natural and gorgeous.

This style is completely heating free if you want it to be. The aim is to make your Cliphair extensions look like your hair naturally or have your extensions and hair styled the same way. You can curl or straighten your hair as normal.

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