How to blend clip in extensions into short hair

Want a dramatic change without a dramatic amount of effort? You should definitely try some clip in extensions. Whether you want a way to turn your day look into a fun evening style or you short hair was more a result of a bad haircut this is a great way to get an instant makeover. From a pixie style cut to a bob short haired styles are often thought to be the most difficult to attach your clip in extensions to and are awkward to blend but that is a myth if you have the right style. Speaking of style keep reading this blog.


Step one: Have the right length

Yes, this about short hair but some hair is just too short. For getting the best grip from your clip ins your hair should be about four inches long. This allows you to play with your hair extensions and have some hair on the top layer that can cover the clips so that it looks natural. Now that we have the right length for your own hair let’s chat about the length of your extensions. Although we at Cliphair make extensions up to 26 inches I wouldn’t suggest these for short hair. They are so much heavier than your natural hair, it will look weighed down and unnatural. Try something around the 14 or 18 inch mark.


Step two: time to attach

Like other lengths of hair, I would suggest starting to attach the base of your hair with the widest hair extension. Pop the clips and make sure that you lay it flat against your head, make sure that you leave about an inch so you don’t give yourself a headache. The benefit of attaching this bottom part first is that if you mess it up you have layers to cover it up. Divide your hair evenly and add more rows of clip ins. The key thing to remember is to leave a layer of hair on the top and sides so you can blend the extensions and hide the clips.


Step three: Blending

This varies depending on the cut of your natural hair. One of the trickiest cuts to blend with extensions is the blunt cut. This style looks great on its own but without the tapered ends, it makes it harder to blend. Harder but not impossible. The best way to do it is actually to trim your extensions so that the shape fits your cut better.


Step four: start Styling

As great extensions are made out of human hair you can style your hair as you normal would. Carefully brush over the top layer of hair so that it covers all your clips. If you like yours sleek, straight hair it makes it a bit harder to hide rookie attachment mistakes so until you have become an attachment pro it might be a good idea to add a light curl to your locks. This looks amazing anyways.

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