How to blend clip in extension into mid length hair

Off to a big night or just want to plump up your hair? Clip in hair extensions may be brilliant for you. If you are one to change your look up then they will be the right choice for you. This blog is a to help you put your clip in extensions with ease. Sometimes putting clip in hair extensions in feels like a finely constructed art project let alone putting them in to hide the clips. Keep reading this blog to learn how to put in your clip in extensions so that they look natural and beautiful.


Step one: create your base

That’s right ladies as Meghan Trainor says it’s all about that base. No, we aren’t talking about motivation to do squats but your roots. If you want to give your hair some length, volume and you want your clips to have something to grip onto easily you cannot hair flat lifeless looking roots. So before you even think about attaching and blending your extensions make sure that your scrunch some mousse into your roots and lightly backcomb them to give your roots that little bit of extra volume. Now it is time to choose your parting. This may feel like you are putting the horse before the cart but it will make it easier to work your backcombing magic.


Step two: Choose your extensions

Clip in hair extensions are the easiest to blend your extensions with your real hair. The trouble with mid length hair is that is so sometimes awkward to make the ends of your hair own hair stay smooth against the extension. We don’t want weird strands sticking out all over the place and ruining you perfectly thought out look. This may happen with tape in or micro rings if they aren’t put in perfectly (literally anything short of perfection will look rubbish). The key to choosing the right clip ins for you is to choose the colour that will look the most natural on you as it will only be under a thin layer of hair.


Step three: create a base

This is the most tricky length of hair to blend as I already mentioned and takes a bit more effort to make them simple. Firstly grab your fishtail comb and section off the top layer of your hair. This row will go from ear to ear and be about an inch thick. Pop that in a top know as we focus on the rest of your locks. Starting from your left hand side create a thin horizontal cornrow braid. When you get to the right side snake it round to create a row in the opposite direction. Snake that down to the bottom of your head. You have now created the fly away free base for your clip ins.


Step four: attach and blend

Attaching extensions is now like everyone else. Start with the widest section down the bottom and work your way up, make sure they are clipped on flat. At the end let your top knot layer down, brush altogether and style to perfection.

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