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Hollywood worthy hair tutorial


Jennifer Lawrence, Angelina Jolie and Julia Roberts. What do all of these talented women have in common (other than incredible careers)? Fabulous hair. They always seem to have amazing hair at every special occasion. Hair is not just something we have on our heads, it is also a form of personal style and the best accessory we have. Today I want to share with you my favourite Hollywood inspired hairstyle. You may not be wearing it to an awards gala or red carpet event but you will look incredible to any night out you have planned. This is a style that oozes class and cannot be ignored. Be prepared, it will cause some serious compliments and a bit of envy. Don’t forget to #wearcliphair to show off your style on our Instagram.



Step number 1: preparation for perfection:

It doesn’t matter if your hair is newly washed or you are rocking second-day hair with a bit of dry shampoo in, just make sure your hair is frizz free. what I would highly recommend is to start with your hair extensions in and work some serum into your ends. Leave about 10 minutes for your hair serum to soak in, particularly at the ends of your hair. the reason for this is you are going to be using heated tools. I always let my serum soak a bit so my ends can absorb the moisture before I add some heat protecting spray and turn on my heated tool.




Step number 2: Time to curl, just not the way you are used to:

It wouldn’t be a true Hollywood style without some curls. To achieve this look we are going to use a technique called horizontal curling. Start by separating a 2-inch wide row of hair at the nape of your neck. Put the rest of your hair up, and brush your row thoroughly. Hold your row of hair out and roll the row inwards towards your head but still hold it at that horizontal position. Slide the curling wand out and pin it in that position. Spray it with some hairspray then move onto your next 2-inch row and then the rest of your hair.


Step number 3: Final styling for a starlet look:

Once all of your curls have cool release them from the pins. They will look like tight, gorgeous ringlets at this point. Make sure you have a slight side part to give your hair more shape. Comb your hair with a wide tooth comb. Use a pin curl to add some defined waves near your face. Once your hair is in the position you want and you have got a lovely s shape either side of your face with your pins add some more hairspray and wait 10 minutes with your curl pins in. this will give your hair enough time set in the s shape. Take your curling pins out and you are ready to hit the red carpet.

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