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High and back

So if you are loving the extra long hair trend and trying to find simple and elegant ways to style your locks, look to the stars. Everyone from the booticlious Kim Kardashian to the refined Angelina Jolie have found a look that is sleek, stylish and is brilliant as a day to night look. Let’s face I we may question these woman’s choices of life partner but never of stylist. They know how to look larger than life and absolutely spectacular on and off the red carpet. So, keep reading for a step by step guide to get this easy volumized long hair style for yourself.




Prepare for glamour

This style works incredibly well with extra long hair, so if your hair doesn’t reach the small of your back then clip in extensions will be your new best friend. The thing with this look is that we want length without our hair being too heavy so you should only use half of your extensions (the 4 and 3 clip extensions). We don’t want to place our extensions any higher that our ears for this style as we don’t want to weigh the top of our hair down, this will make it harder to tease. Plus we are going to have our hair pushed back so there is no point having extra hair that is intended to frame your face.




You tease

That’s right if you want the body on top you are going to have to tease your locks. Start at the top of your crown, use a rat tail comb to section of a thin row (so all your hair will be thoroughly teased). You want to tease 2 inches at the root of your hair toward and comb towards your scalp. Spray with alcohol free spray. Repeat with rows of hair until all the hair on top of your extensions are teased. Teasing your extensions will only cause you more work later. Once your crown is all teased lightly smooth over the surface of your hair with your comb to make it neater looking and more glamorous. When you are teasing the sides nearer your face don’t forget to tease away from your face. Trust me brushing downward so the ends of you hair are drooping over your face makes styling so much longer and harder.




Finishing touches

Right now your hair probably feels and looks a mess. Don’t worry you are doing the right thing! Just like we smoothed over our crown section to make it look flawless we are going to do exactly the same with the hair closer to our face. Remember you don’t want to brush through it but rather over it to get slick and a list quality. This will end up looking completely different from the wet look  so although you may be tempted to finish your look with some serum, don’t. The best way to finish your amazing Jolie inspire slick back and high look is to spray some alcohol free hairspray on your hands and glide them over your do. It will hold all night and no more fly aways!



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