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Heatless curls- two ways


Curls and waves are great because they suit everyone. As long as you have gorgeous healthy locks this style will suit any hair length, colour and any face shape, that is why it is so popular. Using heat to create styles isn’t always the best for your hair particularly as the weather gets warmer. That does not mean you have to go without your curls. I have together some of my favourite ways to create heatless curls for your hair and extension showboatcustomcoating.com. #wearcliphair


Easy twist heatless curls

Step number 1- preparation

To start off make sure that your hair does not have too much product in it that will make it too slippery or difficult to detangle. Put your Cliphair extensions in and brush them through. Once they are blended put your hair up into a high ponytail.

Step number 2- twisting

Separate a small one-inch section of hair in your ponytail. You need to dampen it so Spray with water. Wind your section around 2 fingers to create a curl. Spray it with some light hold hairspray and pin it to your head to dry. Repeat with the rest of your ponytail.

Step number 3- the finishing touches

Once all your hair is dry, unpin all of your curls and take out your ponytail. Flip your head forward and shake your curls then add some more hairspray to finish.


Sultry perfect heatless waves

Step number 1- preparation

Like the style above start by putting your Cliphair extensions in and blend them. This style I find works better with a bit of volume at your roots. Add some dry shampoo at your roots to help with this. Once that is worked input a headband on.

Step number 2- wind around

It is best if your hair is damp for this style so break your hair into small sections and spray the lower 2/3rds with water. Once all of your hair is wet divide into two sections. Twist each section tightly and away from your face. Begin to wind each section the headband until you reach the end of your hair. Take your time with this so that the twists don’t unravel.

Once you have pinned your twists to your headband spritz on some hairspray to help your waves hold one you have taken the style out. Let your twists dry, this could take 20-40 mins depending on your hair type. Once they have dried completely, let them down. To break the twists up run your fingers or a wide-toothed comb through them, this will help your hair become large, sultry looking waves.

These are only 2 ways to create heatless curls but there are dozens of ways to get everything from a slight wave to small tight curls. If you have not tried heatless curls before or are short on time then these 2 styles are the perfect ones to start with.


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