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Hard water and your hair, what you need to know to protect your hair

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With a staggering 70% of London’s water originating from reservoirs that comes from the Thames it is not surprising that our water is hard. Not sure what hard water is? Hard water has really high levels of magnesium and calcium because it travels through limestone underground. If you notice that the quality of your hair changes when you travel, you are not imagining it. Not everywhere has hard water but a lot of places do internationally. It not only affects your natural hair but your Cliphair extensions too. Today I am going to tell you all about hard water and how to protect your hair. #wearcliphair

Do I have hard water?

There are a few different ways you can check if you have hard water. For many cities around the world there are websites that will tell you if you have hard water or not. The easiest way is the look for signs in your own home. Have you noticed any evidence of limescale in your kettle or bathroom? If you have, the chances are you have hard water.

Can hard water affect the way my products work?

Absolutely! If you add a bit of shampoo to hard water verses soft water, you will instantly see the difference. If you have hard water then it will be much more difficult to get a lather from your soap and shampoo. This often means people use more to try and get the same lather as in soft water.

What does it do to my hair?

When you wash your hair and extensions the minerals that are in the water won’t just wash away. They are deposited in open cuticles in your hair and can leave your hair feeling like you still have product in it and it isn’t 100% clean, even though you just got out of the shower. It can also make your hair more susceptible to frizz.

What can I do to limit the damage?

There are a few things you can do. Some big things will cost more initially like a water softening system or a shower head but they are more permanent. If you are on a budget these may not be attainable there are other suggestions with the check this link right here now that are less permanent one thing that I really love is rinsing my hair with diluted apple cider vinegar once every 2 weeks. You can do the same with diluted lemon juice. This is an amazing way for smooth locks.



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