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Hairstyles to suit your star sign Scorpio and Libra

Hairstyles to suit your star sign Scorpio and Libra

The final two zodiacs to cover in this series, Scorpios and Libras have just had their birthdays and are probably in reflection mode. As a Scorpio, you are known to be mysterious and intuitive and Libras you are known to be charming and sociable which is perfect for this time of the year. One of you is a laid-back babe whilst the other knows her own mind, which is great for styling. If you are either of these start signs keep reading, I have the perfect hairstyles waiting for you.

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Libras are easy to get on with and can often go with the flow easily and love socialising. It is not surprising that being so popular, you set trends in the beauty and hair departments. This year’s big trend that can be associated with you is the messy bob. We have seen everyone rocking this style but if you have long hair don’t worry it is easy to fake. Part your hair in half horizontally and tie the upper half out of the way. On the bottom part, you want to separate your hair into one or two-inch sections. Roll the sections into your scalp and pin them in place. Now it is time to focus on the top half so untie it and lightly curl your hair into inch sections. Separate the top row of hair and fold the rest over the pinned up rolls and pin in place to create the bob shape. You might want to tease the roots of your top layer to add somebody but other than that spritz with some salt spray and hairspray so it will hold. 

clip in hair extensions-zodiac-scorpio


Scorpions are thought to be a little stubborn and I am not judging I love people who know their own mind. This means when you want to try a new look you just go for it, which is great. The look that will suit you wonderfully is a blunt cut fringe and poker straight long hair. If you are wanting this look to be edgier then I would suggest sticking all to one colour. Start with the simple thing and clip in your hair extensions, you want your hair at least waist length. Starting with a row at the nape of your neck add some heat protecting serum and straighten. Continue upwards so all of your hair is beautifully straight. Make sure you have a centre parting and if you don’t have a fringe yourself ask a pro to trim your fringe extension into a blunt cut and attach it a few inches from your hairline. To make sure that it blends, cover the edges with your long hair and brush together. Add hairspray to finish and you are done!


I hope you have loved my zodiac specials as much as I have loved writing them. With any luck, you will have picked up some wicked new looks along the way. Enjoy the festive parties.

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