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Hairstyles to suit your star sign: Aries and taurus

We are all totally unique but for those of those who believe in horoscopes will know, you are likely to have similar traits to those you share a star sign with. I have been showing you some wicked zodiac inspired looks all week so if you are an Aries or Taurus checkout your cool looks.

clip in hair extensions-aries


Aries girls are thought to be fiery divas, which explains why we love going on nights out with you! You are so lucky that you have a diamond as your most prominent crystal, which suits you perfectly. You are adventurous so a bit of experimenting with colour has never worried you. If you have a balayage look or ombre clip in hair extensions put them in now, you will look incredible. Create a centre, zig-zag parting with the help of your trusty fishtail comb. Backcomb your roots either side to make sure your hair looks really textured and full, particularly around the crown area. If you are feeling adventurous you can hairspray your parting and sprinkle some glitter on it. Gather the hair at your hairline and about an inch away from the root to dutch braid your hair. Continue adding pieces to your braid from in front of your ear then simply continue your braid without adding strands. Use a clear hair tie to secure and repeat on the other side. This hairstyle has a very wildlings feel to it so make sure you give it that wild feeling by backcombing your hair underneath your braids, hairspray and you are done!

clip in hair extensions-taurus


As this is when the warmer weather is starting to appear I thought it would be weird if Taurus ladies weren’t full of life too. These women are strong but love to embrace their femininity when it comes to fashion. This style embraces their floral and full of life attitude and is perfect to rock at a wedding. The first step is to decide which side you want to have your braid lie and create a slightly off centre parting in that direction.  You will be creating mini braids either side of your parting, starting at your hairline. Start with you smaller side and create a fishtail braid around the edge of your hairline to the nape of your neck. Tug on the sections to give them texture and pin your braid in place then move onto the other side. You may want start this braid slightly further down so you can sweep the top section then repeat what you did on the other side. Once you have pinned both braids in place add your hair extensions underneath them so we have a long side braid. You can either decide

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