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Hairstyles to suit your star sign Aquarius and Pisces

If you are looking for Christmas fancy dress ideas and don’t fancy being a reindeer again then you are at the right place. I always like to look special and not blend in with the crows and I hope you are the same so I thought I would share with you some stunning star sign inspired look. Yesterday I shared with you the sassy Sagittarius and conservative Capricorn styles so it is time to project into the first quarter of next year and focus on the water-related signs.

clip in hair extensions-aquarius


If you are an Aquarius girl you can look forward to your birthday from the 20th of January to the 18th of February. How special it must be to celebrate your birthday near the official day of love on Valentine’s day. The sign itself is supposedly connected with social justice so good on you! This star sign is known for being gutsy and enjoying a more androgynous style. If you have long hair this is a brilliant excuse to try out a faux hawk. Start by separating the centre section of your hair with a fishtail comb. Use the arch of your eyebrows as a guide, then tie it up out of the way. Now create triangle section with the hair either side of your centre part. Make sure you include all of it in front of your ears and separate in an upward motion towards your crown. Spray them with hairspray and brush these sections backwards before tying them together as a ponytail and backcomb it. Add some hair extensions near the nape of your neck and backcomb them, you want loads of body for this look. Untie the top section and backcomb the roots in a forward direction before spraying your hair. It is time to gently sweep your hair backwards, particularly focusing on the sides. If any pieces won’t stay in place add some sneaky pins. To give it that Aquarius touch creates a zig-zag pattern with your hairpins at the sides.

clip in hair extensions-pisces


Another water associated sign Pisces ladies are known for being versatile and ‘going with the flow’ (excuse the pun). These classy girls have mayday in their sign which means a flowing summer styled mane is in order. Add a clip in full head extensions, add a serum and lightly curl your hair all over to give it that lovely wavy look. Create a shallow centre parting from your hairline to your crown. Very slightly backcomb your roots either side of your parting to add some texture then gather all of your hair at your hairline on your right. You are going to divide these locks in two, taking a small section of the outside of one half and put it inside the other, repeat on the other side. You have now started your first cross of your fishtail braid. Continue with this until you read the back of your head and pin it in place. Do the same with the left side, pinning it over the right braid. Now we can create faux fishtail gather hair from underneath the two braids, including the ends of the braids if there is any, and tie them up with a clear elastic one inch down. Loop you section up and over the elastic then place another elastic one inch down and repeat the same process to the end of your ponytail. Tug your braids for texture and add mousse and you are done!

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