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#hairhacks How to Style a Wob in Minutes

A couple of years ago, you couldn’t move for pixie cuts. With Hollywood’s finest, including the ever gorgeous Jennifer Lawrence, making them super cool again. In 2013, after she went for the chop and debuted a short, textured style. Before long, everybody was following suit. Celebrities like Kate Mara, Taylor Swift, Rita Ora, and even Beyonce were heading to the salon and exiting with a dramatic new look. Now, the trend seems to have run its course, but an interesting thing is happening.

All of those famous pixie cuts are growing out and turning into their very own style. Once again, the lovely Jennifer Lawrence is leading the pack, with her wavy, shaggy grown out tresses. Instead of tucking her locks behind her ears and trying to get through that awkward stage with as little fanfare as possible, she’s rocking the wavy bob – or, the ‘wob.’

This guide to creating a flawless wob, in a matter of minutes, will show you how to work the hottest hairstyle trend of the summer.

Give Your Hair a Break with a Wild Wob

Before we start with the handy hints and tips, it’s a good idea to know a little about the benefits of this trend. It’s absolutely perfect for girls who are feeling drab and lifeless after years of intense styling. This is why Jennifer Lawrence initially took the plunge and went for a pixie cut in the first place; she wanted to give her hair time to recover after years of harsh dye jobs.

The wob is less dramatic than the pixie and it’s easier to style, particularly if you’ve never had shorter hair before. It’s also worth remembering that a temporary chop doesn’t have to mean sticking with short hair every day of the week. If you pick up some clip in extensions, from ClipHair, you can switch up your style and still enjoy volume and length whenever you like.

Learning How to Get Your Wob On

If you’re growing out a short ‘do, all that’s needed is a little patience. In the interim, when your hair is too long for a pixie, but too short for a wob, just use hair extensions to give yourself more styling options. If you’re looking to turn long hair into a carefully cut wob, however, it’s best to head to the salon.

You can try cutting your own hair, but this is a tricky one; you’ll need to leave more length than you might think to account for waves and curls. Obviously, naturally curly girls will either have the perfect amount of volume (and have to put hardly no effort at all into wob styling) or they’ll need to tame unruly ringlets with a frizz control treatment.

A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

Poker straight gals (like Sienna Miller) will need some long hold, fast acting texturising spray. If this doesn’t work, a bit of backcombing or 20 minutes with the curling irons should be enough to introduce some body and life. The effect that you’re going for is a crunchy, tousled look. You don’t want full on curls, but you do want a nice wave and that messy ‘bedhead’ vibe.

The great thing about the wob is that it’s a lot more versatile than it first appears. The length makes it much more functional than a pixie crop or even the traditional bob. You can leave it romantic and tousled. Or you can gel and set your curls, in a nod to the flapper girl style that’s popular with supermodel Chrissy Teigen and Captain America actress Hayley Atwell. The possibilities are endless if you’re willing to be bold and embrace your inner ‘wob’ goddess.

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