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#hairhacks How to Snake Braid in Minutes

Just last week, troubled actress Amber Heard stepped out looking fierce and fine with a super cool snake braid. For the first time in months, the Rum Diary star looked relaxed and care free, which we’re guessing has a lot to do with the fact that her divorce from Johnny Depp is finalised. At the very least, she can count on having amazing hair, even if she didn’t get her hands on that juicy $7 million settlement for long.

The snake braid has been a popular red carpet look for some time now, though it tends to be seen as quite a bold one. For instance, singing sensation Janelle Monae is a big fan, but those who listen to her music will know that she does have a quirky and unique style. The thing that discourages lots of girls from trying the snake braid is its visual complexity. It looks difficult to put together. The truth, however, is that’s it surprisingly simple and devilishly sophisticated.

This step by step guide to creating the perfect snake braid will have you plaiting like a pro in no time at all.

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Step One: Get Busy Braiding

The snake braid starts in the same way as any other three strand braid. The French technique is best for this, so keep crossing and pulling until you’ve found your rhythm and you’re plaiting with ease. Obviously, if you’re trying to create a crown or a small side braid, you’ll need to begin at one side of your head, just above your ear.

Step Two: Separate and Snake

Stop braiding once you’ve reached a point about three quarters of the way down your hair. Use your fingers to separate the three sections of hair and hold on tight to the middle one. While holding the middle strand still, push the braid upwards until it is coiled closer to the roots. This might feel a little odd, particularly if you’re never snake braided before, but it will all work out; just trust us.

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Step Three: Adjust for a Personal Fit

The next step is to make adjustments to the sections of the braid, so that you are satisfied with the shape, length, and tightness. All you have to do is tug (carefully) on the individual pieces, until the S shaped coils are closer together or further apart – it is entirely up to you. Keep in mind that the longer the braid, the more defined the ‘snake’ formation will be.

Step Four: Secure, Spritz, and Go

The final step is to secure the braid with a bobby pin or slide, if you want to wear it up, in your hair. You can also wear it loose, but we think that this kind of style really suits that half-crown vibe. It is a little bit laid back and bohemian, but it’s perfect for the last hazy, lazy days of summer. Don’t forget to spritz with hairspray for a style that lasts all day.

How to Combine Hair Extensions with a Snake Braid

To add more volume, wear clip in hair extensions with your snake braid, make sure that they are tangle free first. Then, secure them gently, but firmly, to the middle section of your head and push on the grips to close. If attached correctly, there is absolutely no reason why clip in extensions won’t last all day (and the night too, if you plan to make it a big one). There should be no issues with hiding the seam, because your snake braid will be off to the side.

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