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#hairhacks How to Get the Perfect Parting

If you’ve ever pined for a quick way to transform your hair, we’re going to show you how much of a difference a neat parting can make. While it might sound like a teeny tiny detail – and, in many ways, it is – getting it right can give your tresses an instant boost. Don’t forget that there’s more than one way to part your hair. The look that you choose will determine whether your style looks bouncy and carefree or oozes catwalk cool.

Switching up the way that you wear your parting really can have a big impact. This is why we recommend changing things up at least once a month and trying to avoid falling into habit. For most ladies, the week consists of just one style, created on autopilot, so new ‘dos are guaranteed to catch the admiring eyes of friends and workmates.

This guide to creating the perfect parting will give you some tips on the best look for you.

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For Fine, Flat Hair

You’ll be pleased to know that inserting a deep side part provides an instant boost to fine, lacklustre locks. The secret is to make sure that the parting begins just above the centre of one eye. It then needs to continue diagonally back towards the crown. This enables an even distribution of hair, with the appearance of fullness on both sides.

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For Thick, Straight Hair

This is how most people wear their hair extensions. Or, rather, it is the look that most ladies are trying to create – that voluminous, thick vibe. So, it is worth knowing which parting styles match it the best. Generally, thick, straight hair is the Holy Grail and it’ll look great teamed with anything. The thing that you want to avoid, however, is an absolute dead centre parting. It will draw attention to every tiny flaw in your features. Unless you’re convinced that your face is perfectly asymmetrical, create centre partings ever so slightly off to one side.

For Curly, Spring Hair

Victoria’s Secret model and actress AnnaLynne McCord is a great example of why curly, springy hair a lot more wonderful than you might think. In fact, while curly girls often bemoan their lack of sleek, shiny tresses, stylists absolutely them. They’re fun, endlessly playful, and offer plenty of opportunities for creative styling. When it comes to creating a parting, they think that the best approach for curls is to let it form naturally. Overly defined partings will only look odd if paired with intentionally messy, ferocious curls.

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For Chunky, Blunt Bangs

If you also want to wear chunky, broad bangs, you need to position the parting carefully. Actually, for ladies who long to try out a dead straight divide, without showing up asymmetrical features, this is the best time. Adding a neat, perfect parting will add versatility to the style and give you more room for experimentation. We like the textured, choppy vibe that Taylor Swift is sporting right now. It has weight and body, which is ideal for winter, but it isn’t too classic or old fashioned.

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For Side Sweep Bangs

It would look strange to have a parting sat anywhere but where the hair starts to fall apart naturally. So, to make this style work, you need to find that point. Emma Roberts is a good example of a star who always gets it right. Her swooping, side sweep ‘do is pretty and relaxed. If you’re having trouble, position the parting directly above the highest spot on your eyebrow arch. This will lift your features and make you look younger, fresher, and more vital.

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