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#Hairhacks How to Get the Perfect Bed Head Look

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

Every glamorous celeb from Halle Berry to Ellie Goulding has, at some point, appeared on a red carpet with a cheeky grin and a suggestive hairstyle. We say ‘suggestive,’ because there are some looks that definitely make their own insinuations. The classic bed head look for example is popular because it makes the wearer look as if they’ve had their erm… their feathers ruffled and have forgotten to redo their hair.

It’s the preserve of the endlessly cool and reserved for girls with the confidence to say ‘I really do make anything look good.’ The irony, of course, is that perfecting the bed head takes more than just, well, rolling out of your cosy little nest in the morning. It’s a fairly simple and low maintenance style, however, so it’s time to get practising. If Jenna Dewan Tatum can snag a Channing with her messy haircut, imagine what you might find with yours!

Keep reading for some handy hints and tips on how to perfect your messy bed head look and snare yourself some serious style points.

Lock in Your Natural Texture

It doesn’t matter whether your hair is naturally curly or very straight, because you can rock the sultry bed head look either way. The trick though is to embrace your natural vibe and work with it. This means that, if you’re planning to wear hair extensions, you might need to put in a little bit more styling footwork to blend and match the sections. Remember that there’s no right or wrong way to do this one, as long as you don’t fixate on the idea of getting it perfect.

Braid for Extra Texture

If you’ve got quite fine hair, there is a way to quickly introduce more body and volume. Once you’ve attached your hair extensions – and you’re confident that they’re secure – roughly braid your tresses. Make the braid chunky, messy, and don’t worry about neatness. Then, take a flat iron and run the heat over the length of the braid to lock in the natural wave. When you let your locks loose, that subtle kink should stay in place; don’t brush it out though.

Use Your Styling Fingers

It’s best not to use a hairbrush at all if you can help it, because it’ll only work out the waves and texture that you’ve already created. Instead, either leave the tangles – they’ll enhance the style – or use your fingertips to gently pull them out. If you find that there are still small sections with no volume, add a sprinkle of water and pinch the section at the root for an instant boost.

Add a Texturising Spray

The final step is to get yourself some high quality texturising spray. You can use dry shampoo, as an alternative, if you need to. It will just stiffen the hair enough to keep it held all afternoon or evening. Without it, you risk having your tresses look flatter than a dumped guy’s ego!

Let Loose and Celebrate

The tousled, sultry bed head look always makes a big resurgence in the run up to the Christmas period, because it is ideal for parties and nights out on the town. To really make it sparkle, you can’t forget to match it with the right attitude – remember, you’re so cool that you can even make un-styling gorgeous.

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